Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer, Author and Inspirational Speaker, including First Place Professional Boudoir for RangeFinders first Celebrate the Body and First place at 2021s Speaker Slam on Self Acceptance. Lindsay owns and operates Self Love Experience out of Troy, NY.   Lindsay’s work has been published in The Times Union, Shutterbug Magazine, RangeFinder Magazine and many more. 

Lindsay is also an active contributor to Women’s  Business Daily and Brainz Magazine and a Co-Author of the Amazon International Best-Seller Success Codes: The Secrets to Success You Weren’t Taught In Highschool which also won a 2021 International Impact Award on the topic of Personal Growth and Development. Lindsay also won the 2021 Best of Show and Gold Metal W3 Award for Social Video-Public Service & Activism and 2022 Anthem Award by The Webbys for Diversity Equity and Inclusion – Special Project. Most recently Lindsay spoke on the infamous TEDx stage with her talk “Escape the Beauty Propaganda Machine Through Strategic Self Talk” for Queens University in Kingston, Ontario

With a focus on helping women overcome negative body image and body insecurity, her sessions are as much about the experience she gives her clients as the final art they receive.  Lindsay believes in the power of print and has a mission to provide all of her clients with large art pieces to hang in their homes. 

Stemming from a very difficult upbringing with a family on welfare to building a multiple six-figure business selling her art in NY, Lindsay’s focus is self love, self confrontation, overcoming body insecurity and seeing yourself as more than scars of your past.  

Society tells women that we have to fit into this tiny narrow-minded mold of what is considered beautiful. 

Lindsay believes confidence in the skin you are in trickles into every aspect and relationship in your life and she gives women permission to feel beautiful exactly as they are.

Just because we grow older, have children, families, Romantic partners and/or careers, it does not mean our sexual and feminine side simply disappears.

Boudoir is about embracing your sensuality and femininity – breaking down your preconceived notions about beauty to show you how gorgeous you really are. Our sessions are female only and we pride ourselves in working one on one with every single client to meet her needs and bring her vision of sexy to life.

 As a woman guilty of this myself, I see so many struggling with negative self-image. We do this because we internalize the unrealistic expectations of beauty that are set out for us by the media and entertainment industry. The truth is, you are exactly as you are meant to be, perfect in your realest form.

All About our Hair & Make-up Artist


Natalie joined our team full time in May of 2019 and has been such an asset. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, but she understands that there is a vision and intricacy to makeup artistry for camera. Natalie started her career in Burbank, California while attending Makeup Designory School. While attending school, she worked on many fashion shows, editorial shoots, and films.
Natalie and Lindsay work hand in hand together to create the perfect looks catered to each client. No one-style-fits-all here. Every client is looked at for the beautiful individual they are. That is really Natalie’s gift, she sees YOU! It is not about making you look like someone else. It is about bringing out the you that exists…we like to call it the Red Carpet Version of You!”

Fun Facts


– One –

I went to a conservatory in NYC for acting on camera.

– Two –

Orange and purple are tied for my favorite color.

– Three –

It is on my bucket list to produce a shoot by the Gulfoss Waterfalls in Iceland.

– Four –

My grandparents opened one of the first photography studios in Miami, FL, which is still owned and operated by my uncle to this day.

– Five –

I was the 2009 Chairperson for Fashion for RAINN, having produced fashion shows, PSAs and red carpet events to raise awareness for the RAINN Foundation. I even got to appear on the red carpet for the Music On Demand channel at the 2009 Academy Awards.

– Six –

I have cast multiple SAG feature films and recently caught one of the horror films I cast on multiple popular movie channels’ “On Demand” lists.

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