Ariela’s Headshot & Boudoir

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

I am not even sure where to begin explaining this shoot…I have known Ariela since we were both 14 years old and living in Orlando, FL.  We grew up not the best of friends…in fact one could even say we were rivals from rival high schools! But as time went on and we graduated high school we realized just how much we liked each other, and became really close friends. We were even roommates in NYC for a short time!  Ariela was the woman who stood by my side the day I actually married my husband at the courthouse. Ariela also has amazing taste! So when she asked me to photograph her, knowing she could book almost any photographer in NYC she wanted, I was both blown away and honored.

Even more amazing was that last minute she decided she also wanted a boudoir shoot! And in true Ariela fashion, she brought some killer lingerie and totally rocked her shoot!

Let’s start out with all of my favorites from her headshot session and end with her sexy and sassy boudoir shots!

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