Black Widow: A Halloween Inspired Boudoir

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It is no surprise to some, that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!  I mean, if you come to our studio, you will see my small (and ever growing collection) of glamorous skulls. To some people they go shopping for Halloween decorations…to me I go shopping for house decorations!

This is the first of several spooky and sexy sessions inspired by the holiday and one we were pretty excited to see featured in both the digital and print versions of September’s Issue of Surreal Beauty Magazine!

For this session we used the Black Widow spider as inspiration.

Often mistaken by predators as weak, due to the delicate looking nature of the spider, this elegant, 8 legged beast is far from fragile and underestimating her power can lead to quite unpleasant consequences.  I think this is perfect symbolism for the force of the female energy.

I absolutely love this explanation of the Black Widow,  and think it most perfectly sums up our goals for this session:

The Black Widow is a symbol of Femininity, Sexual Power, Cunning, Intellect, and Independence.

“A delicate Black Widow is not to be trifled with. She may seem fragile and helpless on the outside, but she is poised and ready to launch a deadly strike at a moment’s notice. The Black Widow is a symbol of Femininity, Sexual Power, Cunning, Intellect, and Independence.
The image is one of the most popular in the genre and is, by far, one most associated with women who have strong, untameable personas.”

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Location: Che’Arch Venue
Lace Lingerie: Slapback in Brooklyn
Stripped Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Trapped Beetle necklace: Insect Diva

#LRPBoudieBeauty: Sadie Century

Check out our 4 pages published in Surreal Beauty Magazine, September Issue “Sisu”:

surreal-beauty-issue-sisu-1 surreal-beauty-issue-sisu-2