Dark & Beautiful Halloween 2014

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Hi!  As you may have noticed we have a new look going on over here!  I knew that this shoot was the perfect one to launch the new look for the brand.  Keep your eyes out over the next few weeks for more updates including an awesome website (complete with this blog!) that my rocking husband is quietly working on behind the scenes.

So now for the good stuff!
I teamed up with Erin Marzilli and Leah Francesca of EMARZMAKEUP and Tara Holmes of Tiane Novati for this bewitching styled shoot.  Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so I have known for a while that I wanted to create a great photo story to kick off the start of the haunted season. I told Tara my concept and she went to work bringing my vision to life through an awesome wardrobe and goulish accessories.

I won’t tell you my version of the story because we want YOU to share yours with us on our Facebook Page.  I haven’t decided what yet, but there will be some kind of awesomeness that goes to our favorite version!

So without further Adieu….

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And now for some behind the scenes love…me_0878 me_0885 me_0886 me_0879 me_0875 me_0877

A few detail shots before we head out…


cute little sister moment!

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