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Alexander Den Heijer said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” I don’t even want you to be a flower, though. I want you to be a crow. As my friend Laura says, “Why be [anything else] you can be a crow? Crows get what they need and fly away.” 

Be a crow! Collect your shiny objects (and accomplishments), then fly away and build a nest in a place where you are accepted, loved and supported.

Take a look and read what Miss K has to say about her Self Love Experience:

“My name is Kayla and I am 31 years old. I won the “Self Love Experience” photoshoot and to be honest, I was shocked that I was picked out of all the girls who participated in the post. Maybe I didn’t think I was worthy of such an experience. I have always battled with my weight. I can still remember being in 7th grade being picked on by my close friends that I was bigger than them. I was mortified when I had to go shopping with them because I was a size 16. I would come home crying everyday because I didn’t feel beautiful in my own skin.
I remember 8th grade changing my look. I got contacts, dyed my hair and my braces came off. I felt like a rock star. Maybe, just maybe I would fit in now. Fast forward to high school and again, I wasn’t the skinny girl. Most guys didn’t like me because of it. I just felt like I was the nice girl trying to find myself. As I got older I still struggled with my weight. I decided to make a change. I worked hard and lost the weight. I was the smallest I had ever been. I had confidence I never knew was there. I felt beautiful. Wouldn’t you know, I went to a party with those high school guys that never would give me the time of day and they couldn’t believe it was me! They couldn’t give me the time of day before because they thought I was FAT! That awful word we seem to shame ourselves with.
A few years later I met my husband and as the years passed I gained my weight back. I gave birth to my son who is now two. After having a child I felt like I was lost once again. I felt who is this woman in this body? Where is that woman who was skinny? I used to stare at pictures of myself from my past and wish I could get to that weight again. Instead of just realizing I am beautiful. We as women shame ourselves and make ourselves feel that we need to be a certain way to be loved. That our husbands won’t love us if we gain weight.  I felt I had lost myself after I had my son. When I became a mom I put everyone first but me. I never wanted to ask for help. I realized I had postpartum depression. Between being so tired, making sure everything was taken care of, caring for my son and working full time. When did I have time for myself?  Somedays I still feel defeated, but I am not the girl I was in 7th grade. I don’t let others put me down. I have true friends who love me for me. I have a loving husband who loves me inside and out no matter what my size. I have my son who loves his mama. I realized I have a lot of blessings in my life.
This session let me see myself in a different light. It allowed me to love my body for what it is. It helped me realize no matter what size, I am beautiful and sexy. I still battle my thoughts and I wish I could change them to think that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. Looking at these pictures reminds me of how powerful, beautiful, inspiring, confident that woman is and reminds me to love myself.