Why host model calls if you are sold out?

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Why would we host model calls when our regular sessions sell out 12 months in advance?

As you know Self Love Experience prides ourselves on being trustworthy, honorable, and a safe place to explore your relationship with yourself.

Part of that exploration often includes photos and poses that can be more vulnerable due to lingerie and more suggestive posing.

The MAJORITY of our clients lately have opted to keep their art private.
We celebrate this and equally encourage it, because it is your art, your body, and this is an experience about you.

In our eyes it doesn’t matter who the end product goes to, we are called Self Love Experience for a reason. This is about connecting with yourself, learning to love your body, and seeing yourself as an entire being worthy of love, admiration, and respect. This being said, your art is NOT privy for everyone else’s eyes.

You are in control of who’s eyes see and don’t see the art we create together.

This is where model calls come in.

Several times a month we opt to host model calls with the understanding that part of your set and images will be shared.

In turn, for these model calls you do not have to pay the $675 sitting fee.

Additionally, to thank you for your willingness to share and inspire other women to love themselves as well, we offer 10% off of your art purchase.

We consider these Model Call sessions to be hybrid, because it’s not a pure model call, which means – that only one of your three looks would be required to be shared.

It is up to you whether these looks will be boudoir style, power suit style, athletic style – you are still in control of which part of your imagery will be shared – even for a model call.

Your privacy and our respect for your image, your likeness, and your self worth is something we hold dear to our heart.

This is a safe space.

Self Love Experience is your opportunity to explore a relationship with your self that we typically don’t have an opportunity to do in our daily lives. It is very uncommon to find a space as safe as Self Love Experience where you are coveted, pampered and most importantly respected.

The work that we do and the work that you choose to partake in is about the respect for yourself and it is imperative that you know, unless you opt for one of our Model Call dates, you have complete control over who gets to see our art we create together.

With all of this being said, we have released our Jan, Feb, and March Model Call dates.

Please see these dates below.

Model Call Dates:

January 18th

January 26th

February 2nd

February 15th

March 10th

March 20th

If you are interested in one of these discounted Hybrid/Model Call dates please get in touch as soon as possible via CONTACT as these dates do seem to go very quickly due to the demand.

As you know Lindsay’s regular sessions book out a year in advance so this will be your only opportunity to book a session with her at this time.

There will be more news and more updates about the studio coming later this year, but for now, don’t miss your opportunity for a discounted session and the opportunity to inspire other women just like yourself. Looking forward to capturing your beauty, your grace, and your power.

With Love,

Stay Empowered!

The Self Love Experience Team