Never the Less She Persisted

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One of the things I love most about working with return clients is that the trust has already been established.  We have already gotten through the tough parts of breaking barriers to be able to really connect on a different level and create some amazing art.  This is why we only offer Fine Art On-Location and At Home Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture sessions to returning clients.  Once you have made it through your Self Love Experience, the reasons to come back for more still exist.  We work together to explore different sides of yourself. This time, we took to really challenging our babe by bringing her out nude into nature.  She was vulnerable in more ways than one this time around.  To her environment, to be completely nude in some shots, to fight fridgid temperatures. 

This #LRPBoudieBeauty let me know how awful she was feeling the day of her session, but what I admired most was that she took that as part of the experience.  She had told me going in that she wanted to capture a more raw and powerful side to herself this time, and going into her session feeling as awful as she did l think that lended itself to the challenge of celebrating all aspects of who she is.  

She may have been feeling at her worst but never the less, she persisted. 

“As many of you know, after your first shoot with Lindsay and Erin you tend to fall head over heels for the experience and seeing yourself for the hotttt-ass woman you are. For me, it took less than a year to book my second shoot, and I was beyond excited for it! Where my first shoot was focused on creating “bedroom sexy” photos for my fiancé, this shoot was for ME. I wanted to strip down (literally and figuratively), show some vulnerability, and create some amazing art.

I booked this shoot far enough in advance where I would be able to hop back on the exercise wagon and get in better shape before the big day. I thought this shoot would be able to act as a reward and “check point” for my fitness/health progress…but, boy was I wrong. By the time my shoot came around, I was in the worst shape I’ve been in my entire life. Finishing my masters degree got the best of me…lack of time = junk food and choosing to sleep an extra hour instead of working out. Not only was I in terrible physical shape, but I felt awful, my eczema was acting up, and I was dealing with the worst period (and therefore back pain) I’ve ever had in my life.

In a funny way, I think doing this shoot at an insecure and uncomfortable time allowed me to better appreciate the art we created, and more importantly, better appreciate myself. There I was, bare-ass naked out in 22 degree weather, in front of Lindsay, Erin, and the camera. If that doesn’t say vulnerable, I don’t know what does. I was subject to illness, the weather, and my insecurities…but I put myself out there anyway, and I’m sure glad I did. The final product was AMAZING! Sure, maybe I let Lindsay edit the photos a little more than I first intended, but underneath it all was me. I can look at this amazing art we created and feel HELLA good about myself, even though I know what state I was in that day. And isn’t that what we all need sometimes? A reminder that we are indeed beautiful, sexy, and powerful — even at our lowest.”

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 I also have to show how amazing her art for her Diamond Ice Block is!  I just love when our babes include a bad-ass quote on these acrylic pieces!


….and this awesome cell phone snap she sent me that she took of all of her amazing art from this On-Location Fine Art Session!

Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry
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