American Grit Gallery

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Uncategorized

It is a well known fact that there is now really only one person that I trust with my hair, and that person is Katie Burns of Katie Burns Artistry. Years after I had my hair completely fried and butchered at a salon, and many salons later I finally found “my girl” the one who has slowly nursed my hair back to health, refuses to over process it to make me happy and to make quick money, and who always puts the health of my hair first.  That is a hard thing to find in a stylist. Especially now in days where everyone wants a quick dollar and will bleach and fry your hair just to get your hair done quicker.  Not Katie though, she is the bee’s knee’s. She sometimes even has to yell at me and tell me that the “integrity of my hair is more important than instant gratification.”

So there was no shock that when she moved salons to a bad-ass new location, American Grit Gallery, in downtown Troy that she was ready to fully explore all the facets of her hair artistry.  I was super pumped when she showed me both the stunning model she wanted me to photograph and the awesome hair inspiration! I knew right away I wanted to shoot at her salon.  American Grit is not your average salon. It is also an amazing art gallery featuring the works of barber and photographer Dan Breen.  It was the perfect location for our inspired shoot. 

Channeling inspiration from Melanie Martinez, Gwen Stephanie and the Harajuku Girl trend, we pieced together a pretty epic fashion and music inspired boudoir shoot!

Check out the shoot below and also be sure to check out all of the amazing work my girl Katie has done!

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