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1-on-1 Mentorship to develop your personal branding in order to improve self-awareness, active listening, confidence, and good communication.



Together, we find and remove any mental obstacles and erroneous stories holding you back by getting rid of limiting beliefs that only serve to give rise to irrational fears. We start by turning the negative feelings about yourself around so that you can benefit from them rather than be overwhelmed by them.

Personal Branding Photography and Mentoring is right for you…

For leaders who have always prioritized perfectionism in their work over the taboo of personal development, which over time can result in stage fright, aversion to taking chances, and low self-esteem despite their many achievements.

There is a burning desire to be accepted fully for who they areā€”not for how they shop, who they wear, or how much money they make.

When we resist the urge to show up fully for opportunities we miss more than the opportunity itself, but the ability to connect with others, to learn from our wins/losses, and to tell ourselves we overcome something that scared us.

With a straightforward, to-the-point, yet encouraging approach to our work together – you will be pushed outside of your comfort zones to tap into the parts of your potential hidden well behind your own self-doubts.

“Embrace that what makes you unique makes you succeed

~Lindsay Rae

So, how does it work?

Using my knowledge of editorial photography, I help you break down your ideas of beauty to begin to see yourself in a new light.


We learn the tricks of the real camera and our pocket cameras (aka the always available cellphones we all have with us) so that creating content to promote your mission will be easy and simple.


We work together to become comfortable enough to share vulnerably by creating a safe place to share in our brain dump sessions together.

Working Together

Vulnerability will become a tool you will master and be able to use to connect deeply with yourself and your audience.


Using a combination of acting methods from Sanford Meisner and Vsevolod Meyerhold, and a unique approach to the TEDx style of speaking, we work on how to master the stage.

Performance Coaching

We finesse your on-stage, virtual or in-person delivery through performance coaching so you can confidently get your audience to subscribe to their ideas.


Together we find the points of tension in your body and learn to release them so you can be fully present in the moment of your performances, photoshoots or meetings in body and mind.

Present Moment Awareness

We will help you practice savoring: avoid worrying about the future by fully experiencing the present.


We will define your personal brand so you become easily recognizable yet authentic in your approach to sharing yourself and your business on social media.

Personal Branding

Learn the components of your personal branding and how it can help you make an impact to the online world.


We will work through social media hold-backs in an efficient and empathetic way that allows us to learn from what works and more importantly does not work with your approach to the new version of our online world.

Social Media

We will help you communicate who you are and what you stand for.


1-1 Photoshoot

A photography session with Lindsay Rae, TEDx Speaker, Body Image Coach and Photographer.

Finally, an in-person opportunity where we end with an empowering photoshoot that locks the mind work into place, so you can show up online and on social media in a way that showcases the following:

* Your unique sense of style

* Your determination and drive

* Your confidence

* Your true smile in the moments you find yourself believing in yourself.

* Your best angles on display through expert posing coaching

* Your most authentic and genuine self


any room

with your Personal Branding

Your Mentor

Lindsay Rae is a personal branding mentor with a focus on overcoming negative self esteem and negative body image.

Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer, Author and Inspirational Speaker, including First Place Professional Boudoir for RangeFinders: Celebrate the Body and First place at North America’s Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition, Speaker Slam on Self Acceptance. Lindsay owns and operates Self Love Experience out of Troy, NY.



any room

with your Personal Branding