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I’m telling you, “It’s okay. You don’t have to love yourself today.” But today, you need to take a step towards what you’re going to do to like yourself tomorrow maybe just a little bit more.

Here’s what Miss J has to say about her Self Love Experience:

“I have a Hebrew tattoo on my thigh from my early 20’s- it says “beauty” and to me it was an attempt to remind myself, permanently, that I am beautiful. But I wasn’t swayed.  A few years later, I got another tattoo, a swan on my ankle. Another attempt at trying to convince myself that inner beauty was what I possessed, since the outside did not appear to be that way in my view. I am someone who has a history of looking in the mirror or photographs and not seeing an accurate reflection; I do not see what other people might see. I know for sure that I am funny, kind, a bit quirky and a lot sarcastic. I joke that my personality makes me more striking, that because I am witty and bubbly and a good listener, that it ups my number ranking on some imaginary attractiveness scale.

But am I beautiful?

I really didn’t think so until very recently, as I have been working on myself in so many ways, physically and emotionally but even more so after looking at the finished photographs from my Self-Love Experience. In all honesty, doing this photo shoot was a huge boost to my blossoming self-esteem. From booking the appointment, to the actual day of, I am so proud of my process and especially how the pictures came out.  Thank you for all that you do to encourage all women of the inner and outer beauty and strength  they possess.”  -Ms J