EmpowerMOM: A Mother’s Day Self Love Experience

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Viewpoints

EmpowerMOM: A Mother’s Day Self Love Sale

As a photographer, I’ve witnessed firsthand how women often find themselves conforming to the expectations of others. They seek validation and approval from those around them, and sometimes, they lose sight of their own worth in the process. It’s time to break free from these chains and embrace self love.

Let’s start with a powerful client testimonial about the life-changing impact of Self Love Experience and how it makes a perfect gift for yourself or the special mothers in your life this Mother’s Day.






“As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt like I existed to please others and to make others’ lives easier. It felt good to mold myself to what others wanted me to be because I thrived on praise and exceeding people’s expectations. I spent a long, long time thinking my worth was solely in what others thought of me, and as I became a teenager and a young woman, that sense of worth was closely tied to how desirable I was to men…

Now, that wonderful partner has been my husband for 4 years, and I’m so lucky for the life that we share together… But becoming a mother had changed my body drastically, and with that, all the old feelings began to resurface…

Enter Lindsay Rae… The day of my shoot, Lindsay took one look at me in my baggy sweatshirt and leggings and was able to see right through me with some kind of self-empowering x-ray vision… I still can’t believe it’s really me in these photos. I still can’t believe I can look like that…

Motherhood and all the changes it’s brought is my greatest badge of honor. Every day I give my body, my love, my mental strength to others; going through the Self Love Experience allowed me to give all those things back to myself. Thank you Lindsay, from the bottom of my heart!” – Elizabeth Fremante


The Journey to Self Love

Every woman’s journey to self love is unique, but it’s a path that can lead to profound personal growth and healing. My client’s testimonial is a testament to the power of embracing self love, overcoming personal struggles, and finding a partner who supports and uplifts her. Becoming a mother added a new dimension to her journey, as she navigated the changes in her body and her sense of self.

The Self Love Experience: A Celebration of Motherhood and Body Positivity

My client chose to embark on a Self Love Experience to celebrate her body’s incredible journey through motherhood. The boudoir shoot offered her a chance to reclaim her body, rediscover her confidence, and embrace her new identity as a mother. The experience left her feeling empowered, beautiful, and proud of the body that brought her precious son into the world.

Elevate Your Confidence with a Personalized Experience

As a photographer, my goal is to create a comfortable, fun, and empowering environment for women to express their self love and confidence. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for creating stunning images, I capture the essence of each woman’s unique beauty and strength.

Give the Gift of Self Love this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, treat yourself or the special mothers in your life to a Self Love Experience. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood, embrace body positivity, and rediscover the power of self love. Our Mother’s Day sale makes it the perfect time to invest in this life-changing experience.

Book Your Self Love Experience Today

Don’t miss this chance to embrace your journey and empower yourself through a Self Love Experience. Book now to take advantage of our Mother’s Day sale and let me, Lindsay Rae, help you reveal your true confidence and beauty. Remember, you are worthy of love, appreciation, and celebration – both from others and from yourself. Rediscover your inner strength and let your light shine through this unforgettable experience.


✨ ️A transformative journey celebrating your unique beauty.
✨️ Tailor-made sessions that cater to your individual style and personality. Each session includes 3 outfit changes.
✨️ Heirloom-quality art that stand the test of time.
✨️ A supportive and empowering environment that fosters self-acceptance.
✨️ Personal wardrobe styling with me and hair and makeup done by the best makeup artist in our region.


  • $675 sitting fee waived
  • 10% off art at SLECOLLECTIONS.COM


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