I’ve Spent a Significant Part of My Adult Life Being Cruel

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It has been a while since I have sat down to blog and I have a long list of blogs waiting to go up!

It is the holiday season and with that we are working on our new collection for The Shops at The Loft.  Randi and I have amped up the fashion and editorial vibe of our new season to create a line we want to call our “Unbound Collection”

We feel like alot of what this entire Self Love Experience is about, is the un-doing of negative thought patterns.  So much of what makes this experience as special as it is, is that the women who come to us are ready to finally let go of some of these emotions and detrimental thoughts about themselves that they have had, for most, nearly all of their lives. To unbind themselves from past feelings and while they literally strip down, they are also spiritually shedding these compulsory thoughts.

This is a practice in learning to be kind to yourself. The art you leave with is meant to serve as a daily reminder of what you felt during your shoot.  The power and confidence you had during your shoot lives on in heirloom art.

It is insane to be saying this, but as most of you already know 2019 is completely sold out! I am now actively booking clients for 2020, while I continue to train Randi to be able to take on her own clients towards the middle of next year!  If you want to be sure to lock in a date with me (obvs Lindsay typing here lol!) make sure that you reach out asap to start the process so we can lock in a date for you!!!!

On that note, today’s #LRPBoudieBeauty has some amazing words to share that are certain to inspire you.  Read below the line for how this experience impacted her:

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“I’ve spent a significant part of my adult life being cruel. To whom you may ask? Well to myself. Some people may think this is an exaggeration. But when we are truly honest with ourselves, I think there are more women than can relate to this than you’ think .

As women, When we see our own reflection in the mirror, its easy to become a bully. We lie. We tell ourselves that what we deserve depends on how we look. We love to throw around phrases like “if you just work on ____, or had ____” Then we’d be happy right? Criticisms we would never give to a stranger or even our best friend if they ask for it. Often I’ve found myself in this same old narrative. Usually it starts with something like;

” When you lose the love handles, then you can get a bikini.”

We punish, degrade and deprive ourselves with this mean inner monologue. Until, of course, we get to where we want. Then we just replace the variable, and find new parts of our bodies to be the victim.
We give ourselves an overwhelming amount of tough love.

In October when Lindsay approach me to shoot with her, the negative sound bites started slipping in. I had just been through a miscarriage. I had been spending more time than I’d like to admit hating my body. Hating it for the way it changed, the weight it had gained, and the way it failed me.

I had been following Lindsay’s career and I loved her aesthetic. I was a huge fan. I couldn’t miss on the amazing opportunity ( Have you seen her work!? Can you blame me?) , but I didn’t “feel” ready. I wasn’t ready to see the woman I had been seeing in the mirror, in pictures. She still had a lot of work to do before anyone could see her in lingerie.

I Didn’t have time to wallow in my insecurities. I decided to be brave. To go meet these women, whom I was naturally intimidated by at first.

All I can say is Wow. I thought I could write a novel about all the ways that working with Lindsay Made me feel.I spent a few days thinking about the valuable insight I could give to other women. yet I found it almost impossible to put into words. The only true way to understand it, is to see for yourself. Indulge in the “Self-love Experience” Treat yourself like gold for a change. Rewrite the narrative. Experience yourself through Lindsay’s lens. Its not just clever photo shopping (Although she will make you work those angles until you get that perfect booty shot) It is you. Its the self that everyone else can see. The reason that when you criticize yourself, in front of your friends or husband, they call you crazy. The you without all the lens you’ve collected over the years. The you when the negative self talk melts away.

I Can not thank Lindsay & Randi enough for inspiring me to truly look at myself again. To appreciate the body I have & soften the way I speak to it.
Oh and that girl in the mirror with endless flaws? She didn’t even show up.” ~ Mrs. C.


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Styling by Randi Poillon for The Shops at The Loft
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