Jackie’s Armenian Baptism

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I have featured this beautiful family on my blog before, so it is very exciting for me to be able to also share this momentous occasion with you.

Jackie’s Armenian Baptism was nothing short of beautiful. The Armenian culture is one with a huge focus on family, and that is something that I learned very quickly throughout my time photographing various milestones with this family…It was inspiring to see how supportive and loving everyone is of each other. Family flew in from all over the world to be there and support Jackie as she was baptized at Holy Cross Armenian Church.

After the baptism we made our way over to 90 State Street Events for a beautiful gold and creme themed reception.

me_0445 me_0443

Loved the stained glass windows in the church!me_0446 me_0456me_0451 me_0482 me_0452 me_0483 me_0454

Time for the Godmother to get baby Jackie all ready!me_0448 me_0447

There were so many beautiful details in this church ceremony… me_0444

Jackie was really scared at first…me_0457 me_0459


such an emotional moment for mom and dadme_0455

Once Jackie hit the water though, she calmed right down…me_0461

I even got a little smile from her!me_0462

The raw emotion on Grandma and mom’s face here…there are few things more beautiful than the love of a mother for her child.me_0450me_0463

In this part of the ceremony Jackie was anointed with oils, the emotions were still running very high for everyone involved…me_0464 me_0468 me_0465 me_0466 me_0467 me_0469

We made it through the tough parts! What a proud Godfather!me_0471 me_0449 me_0473


Such a cute moment between the parents! me_0477

And finally, that gorgeous smile of Isabel’s that we love so much!me_0478 me_0480 me_0479

I couldn’t resist sharing this one outtake from between family formal pictures!  me_0485 me_0503 me_0489 me_0488I thought that the single orchid plants on each table were super classy and really let the room and high ceilings stand out as the decor stars of the reception.me_0500 me_0495 me_0502me_0498 me_0505

Now for one of my favorite parts!  This absolutely gorgeous dessert bar!me_0491 me_0492

After capturing some shots of the room, we made our way up to cocktail hour where everyone was letting loose and enjoying the delicious food catered by Mazzone Hospitality.me_0496 me_0535 me_0493 me_0537 me_0536 me_0494 me_0506

Sweet little Jackie was so worn out from her ceremony, that she needed a little nap…me_0508

After cocktail hour it was time for speeches from Dad and the Godfather.me_0510

I loved seeing the faces of the Godparents while dad gave his speech.me_0538 me_0511 me_0509

Time for a little kiss from the guest star of the speeches!me_0512

Finally mom and dad took a few minutes to themselves to reflect on the experiences of the day while Jackie was napping.me_0513

I took them outside, where we used Downtown Albany as our backdrop for some portraits.me_0515 me_0534

This one might be my favorite, every time I photograph this couple I like to make them kiss…this was Isabel’s reaction to my request <3.me_0516 me_0518

It was time to wake up baby Jackie for a few pictures and to get her ready for some dancing!me_0514 me_0519

Proud dad!me_0521

I really just love the dynamic between this couple!  They are so much fun!me_0520me_0524 me_0525

And of course we needed to grab a shot of the star entering on her red carpet!me_0526

In the Armenian culture, there is a tradition where the baptized is lifted into the air while everyone is dancing…this is when the fun and dancing really takes off…me_0530 me_0528

They had a really cool drummer that rallied the party.me_0529

And as Isabel promised a lot of “Pinky Dancing.”me_0527 me_0531

Jackie had a long day, but we still had to cut the cake.me_0532

As any mom knows, sweets are quite good at bringing out baby smiles 😉me_0533

Thank you to Isabel and Dave for inviting me to capture such an intimate and beautiful occasion in their lives.  Also a special thank you to Alice Corey for second shooting for me!