Lexi in Queens

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We had the most incredible time in Astoria last month pulling together some awesome client and styled shoots. From headshots, to musicians, to boudoir to this styled inspiration shoot, we hit all the bases on our trip down. Lexi and I have been dying to shoot together since my photography journey started, so it was really awesome to finally get together and make some “city vibe” magic happen.  With my main glam girl Erin Marie Artistry in toe, we scouted out some gritty city locations.  We wanted to go two directions with Lexi’s looks, a more edgy , badass female vibe and a more glamorous woman in power vibe.  Our goal with this shoot was to inspire some sexy looks that still fit in with our goal of photographing femininity, sensuality and female power.

As luck would have it, my darling friend Nick was off of work that day (You may recognize him as a smooth Frank Sinatra voice from X-Factor), so I surely dragged him out to snap off some new edgier headshots and made him jump into some shots with Lexi as well!

This blog also has my favorite behind the scenes moment of all time, be sure to read to the end to see it and to see Erin Marie working her magic wand.


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Oh hey there sun, where were you the entire day? So nice of you to make a perfect entrance right as we were finishing up <3 <3

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I can’t help but giggle at Erin on her toes, girlfriend is almost always rocking a pair of killer heels so I forget how how adorably short she is (I say this while she is still an inch taller than me)

me_2787 me_2788 me_2808 me_2803 me_2801

annnndddd……Then this happened! Lexi didn’t even break her pose, she just sat there WEEERRRKING it, while this fight broke out, I guess she noticed it was a fake fight way quicker than I did. My favorite part is the kid in the back with the white headband on.  Channeling some 90’s realness FOR SURE!  As soon as I clicked this image, they stood up and ran away laughing.  #onlyinqueens


Thank you to my dearly departed friend Anthony Perrelli for bringing these beautiful people into my life. LIVE LIFE. GIVE LIFE. #4AJ