Needing to Feel: A Boudoir Journey

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It is always an honor for me when my clients share their experience with me…and even more so when they share it with you.

“I was introduced to the LRP Boudoir group by my friend Jessica, who had recently participated in a

boudoir photo shoot with Lindsay. My friend, who has always been beautiful, looked amazing. She

looked strong, sensual and comfortable in her skin. I can honestly say that having a boudoir photo shoot

was not something that ever entered my mind. I am a mom and a social worker who works hard every

day and didn’t have a lot of free time. Let’s face it, as mothers, we tend to put the needs of others ahead

of our own. As I looked through the site at the various women photographed by Lindsay, they oozed

confidence and sex appeal. They were gorgeous women. I contacted Lindsay that night and had a

session scheduled for April.

Over the years my feelings about myself have been relatively consistent, but that changed in 2013 when

my beautiful 19 year old daughter, Ayden, died by suicide. I began to question everything about myself

and every decision I made as a person and as a mother. I stopped exercising and some days were simply

unbearable. I got up and went through the motions by going to work and making sure my son got to

baseball practice and my daughter went to school, but everything was different. I was desperate to feel

something again other than emptiness and sadness.

I was desperate to feel something again other than emptiness and sadness.

My focus was still on my other children and making

sure they were alright, both because I am a mother and that’s what I do, and because it kept the focus

off of myself. One day about 6 months ago I stood nude in front of a mirror after a shower and really

focused. I noticed the newly formed grey hair around my forehead and temples. I saw the dark circles

under my eyes and my dull skin. Where there was once muscle on my arms and thighs now held soft

spots and cellulite. I even noticed my posture had changed. I had changed…emotionally, spiritually and

physically. It’s like in that moment a light went off and I realized I needed to accept and love myself for

who I was. Baggage and all. I was a grieving mother who was doing the best she could with what I had,

and I was surviving. As time went on and the fog lifted I tried to get back into my old routines, like

eating well and exercising. I became a strong advocate for mental health treatment and suicide

awareness, education and prevention. I became more aware of how amazingly beautiful my daughter

Kassidy was. She was becoming a young woman with gorgeous curves who spent more time on her

eyebrows in the morning than I did on my entire face. LOVE her! I always want her to appreciate her

body and her spirit and realize that women come in all shapes and sizes and she is worthy and strong! I

want my son to realize that beautiful women are more than a size and to appreciate their minds and

souls. Kassidy and I have put a lot of work into that boy so he will know how to treat a girl right!

Doing this photo shoot was something I had to do. However, since somewhere along the lines I went

from a sexy bra/panties woman to a sturdy and reliable bra/underwear woman, buying the lingerie was

less fun. I realized just because the lingerie looks great on the model doesn’t mean it would look great

on me. I found some pieces that I thought looked hot in and I felt confident in, including my husband’s

shirt. Nothing sexier than wearing your man’s shirt and a smile. I needed Lindsay’s help with the garter

and stockings, because I was in fact NOT an engineer and could not put those two things together. Erin

did my makeup and hair and it was great to just sit and be pampered for an hour. I put on my first outfit

and went to work! Lindsay would say “put your hand like this…try it this way…is it okay if I move you?” I

laughed and said “please do!” She never made me feel self-conscious about anything and a few times I

heard the “YAASSSSSSS GIRL!” When I left after the session I was feeling on top of the world and went

out of my way to do unnecessary errands so people I don’t even know could see my hair and makeup.

That’s right…look at me.

When I went back to look at the results I was seriously impressed. The woman Lindsay captured with her

camera was really me? I looked sexy, strong, confident and beautiful. I felt good about myself. I

narrowed down the images as best as I could and obviously had to upgrade to the Opulent Album. I

mean, how could I not? I will surprise my husband when we go on vacation and give him this as late

Birthday gift. I cannot wait to see his reaction, as he would never expect this of me. I would never have

expected this of me, but I’m 42 years old and I feel great about myself. Every day is a new day and I am

moving forward. I’ve made small changes that might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve

purchased a sexy bra and a new pair of heels.  Every day is a new day and I am moving forward.

 I’ve made small changes that might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve

purchased a sexy bra and a new pair of heels.

Overall, this was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone, even if it is just for you.

We are women! We are beautiful and amazing and we can accomplish anything.

We should be celebrated in every aspect of who and what we are.”

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