New York City Boudoir

by | May 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

“New York City, uh huh
Center of the universe, sing it girl
Times are shitty
But I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse, I hear that

It’s a comfort to know
When you’re singing the hit the road blues
That anywhere else you could possibly go
After New York would be, a pleasure cruise”

I, of course, had to quote my favorite musical RENT when talking about NYC.  They are not kidding when they say “If you can make it there you can make it anywhere.” One of the toughest cities in the world is also the only place on earth where I feel truly alive and truly at home.  The sounds of the city, the lights, the life, the energy….There is nothing else in the world quite like it.

We had an amazing time on our last excursion, filming some New York City Boudoir for #ConfidentCurves, and scouting some  fab new locations for our future NYC clients!

Check out a few of my favorites from our time in the city and be sure to keep an eye out for even more from when our Glam Goddess, Erin Marie, takes over the blog later this week!

4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7255 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7296 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7301 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7313 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7325 (no flare - blue) 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7340 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7360 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7371 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7393 4-15-16 Lexi NYC Boudoir-7411 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7580 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7595 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7601-3 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7615 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7625 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7644 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7673 4-16-16 Deondre NYC Dudoir-7663 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-7690 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-7694 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-7718 (less contrast) 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-7723 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-8130 (bw2) 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-8152 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-8156 4-16-16 Lindsay M NYC Boudoir-8158