Comprehensive Visual Branding package




Our all-inclusive business visual branding package addresses these challenges head-on, empowering you to:

📸 Boost Credibility: Professional headshots instill confidence and credibility in your brand, helping you and up to 8 of your staff to make a strong first impression.

👥 Strengthen Branding: Our branding and team photos ensure your business’s unique personality and identity shine through.

📷 Enhance Product Visibility: High-quality product photos drive engagement and sales, elevating your brand’s online presence.

📧 Unlock Media Success: Our crafted press emails and unique taglines maximize your media opportunities, increasing your brand’s exposure.

👗 Personal Wardrobe Styling: Allow Lindsay to use her 10 years of photography experience to help you pick the outfits with best photogenicity. What you wear tells your story at a glance – Lindsay will guide you to tell it right. 

All this for an unbeatable price of just $1200!

Invest in your brand’s success today. Book your Comprehensive Visual Branding Package NOW!