The Magic of Boudoir: Embracing Yourself as You Are

by | May 24, 2023 | Viewpoints

The Magic of Boudoir: Embracing Yourself as You Are

Hello everyone, Lindsay Rae here. Today, I wanted to share an inspiring journey that epitomizes the very essence of boudoir photography. The story of our client, Kate Fitzpatrick, beautifully demonstrates why you don’t need a drastic fitness transformation or boundless confidence to have a stellar boudoir shoot.

My Philosophy as a Boudoir Photographer

As a boudoir photographer, I firmly believe in the inherent beauty and strength of every woman. I’ve seen first-hand how a boudoir shoot can transform perceptions and ignite a spark of self-love that lasts well beyond the shoot itself. My role is to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can let go of societal pressures and inhibitions, and embrace your unique beauty, just as you are.

The Illusion of Perfection

Kate, like many women, initially believed she needed to sculpt a ‘perfect’ body to create ‘perfect’ images. She spent considerable time and effort trying to shape her body according to an ideal image. But on the day of the shoot, she felt as though she hadn’t achieved her goal. Despite her doubts, Kate chose to move forward with the shoot, demonstrating an admirable courage to embrace herself exactly as she was.

Building Confidence: The Power of Boudoir

When Kate arrived, my team and I made it our mission to ensure she felt welcome, accepted, and valued. Natalie, our talented makeup artist, helped Kate highlight her natural beauty, while I guided her through the shoot, creating an environment where she felt comfortable and at ease.


Here’s the magic of boudoir photography: You don’t have to show up with unshakeable confidence. Rather, the process itself is designed to build your confidence. With every click of the camera, I saw Kate’s perception of herself transform. She began to let go of her initial worries, immersing herself in the experience and, much to her surprise, even having fun!

The True Essence of Boudoir

The final images from Kate’s session were nothing short of beautiful and powerful. But more than just stunning photographs, they were a celebration of Kate’s courage, strength, and authenticity. Every time Kate looks at her photos, she doesn’t just see her external beauty, but also the beautiful journey she embarked upon, one that led her to embrace her true self.

Here’s what Kate shared about her experience:

“I was encouraged to check out Lindsay’s work by my sister in law. All of the photos I saw were stunning and after reading about other women’s experiences, I decided to book a shoot. I was initially excited but I was also unsure that my own shoot would result in similarly beautiful and powerful images. I spent the time leading up to the shoot working out, ‘cleaning up’ my diet (and stretching!) with an idea of how I wanted to look the day of. The morning of the shoot, I woke up without the magically transformed body I’d intended and with a cute little stress breakout. I briefly debated cancelling last minute but decided that if I didn’t love the results I could just put the pictures away and not look at them. Either way I would still be able to check ‘boudoir shoot’ off the bucket list. 


Despite my nerves, when I arrived both Lindsay and Natalie made me feel welcome and comfortable almost immediately. Aside from weddings I’d never had my makeup done professionally and Natalie did such a great job. My time in her chair chatting also served as a distraction from my nerves. When it came time for the shoot itself, Lindsay jumped right in and there was no time for me to get nervous again. I felt completely at ease and was even surprised to find myself having fun! All the little things I’d been worrying about leading up to the day were forgotten in the moment. The time flew by and by the time I left I was so glad I didn’t cancel. I absolutely LOVE my photos. When I look at them I not only see the powerful and beautiful images I’d hoped for, but I remember how I felt in the moment taking those images. It was a wonderful experience and I’m already planning on becoming a repeat client.



Kate Fitzpatrick”

An Invitation to Embrace Yourself

Kate’s journey beautifully encapsulates why boudoir photography is more than just a photo shoot. It’s an empowering journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. You don’t have to start a stringent fitness regimen or show up with unwavering confidence. All you need is the courage to embrace your authentic self, here and now.

Remember, every woman is stunning in her unique way, and I consider it my privilege to help you see that in yourself. So, come as you are. Let’s create powerful images that reflect your true beauty and celebrate your strength. Because at the end of the day, the real magic of a boudoir shoot comes from within you.

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