Do you know how it feels when you are scrolling an endless sea of social media posts and everyone begins to look the same to you and you get the sinking feeling that you will never be able to look like them or “fit in”?

The vast majority of humans will never have the opportunity to see the disassembly of the beauty propaganda machine, which means we live a life constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations on social media. 

If we can deconstruct the illusion of “perfect pictures” and understand how “perfection” is attainable, we can relieve the pressure enough to see that our false beliefs are working against us, and take ownership of our body image and reinvent our personal brand.

Being confident is the combination between knowing how to show up in your body and knowing how to show up in your mind.

I help leaders and entrepreneurs to stand out in an age of conformity by reconstructing their view of beauty, creating unique photographic content for their personal brand and inspiring them to confidently show up for opportunities where they will thrive as their most authentic selves.

Being in front of the camera can be nerve wrecking!

Combining award-winning inspirational speaking and empowerment photography with a career of photographing nearly 800 individuals, we will work together to motivate you to look at yourself in the lens and mirror in a way you have never been able to view yourself before.

Together we will find the points of tension in your body and learn to release them before your session, so you can be fully present in the moment of your personal branding photoshoot in body and mind.
You will learn strategic tools which will allow you to sit with your own thoughts. We will begin to use your negative thoughts to your advantage, rather than be encumbered by them.
Once you learn the tricks to showing up on camera, creating content to promote yourself in business (or even online dating) will be easy and simple.
By creating a safe place to share in our brain strengthening session together, vulnerability will become a tool you will be able to use to connect deeply with yourself and others.

We are used to hiding from ourselves and others because society has made us believe we need to minimize ourselves in order to be acceptable, but the fact is when we show up confidently, we can make a real impact on the world around us.

It’s not showing off…it’s showing up!

If you’ve got a burning desire to be accepted and more importantly accept yourself FULLY for who you are and what you bring to this world, NOT for how you shop, what/who you wear, how much of an “influencer” you are, what you weigh, or how much money you make

This program is is for you!

What will happen at this empowering workshop for leaders, entrepreneurs and artists?

A 30 minute 1-1 photoshoot which will focus on capturing your essence in headshots and stylistic shots you can use to promote your work. 50 Digital Art Images included. 

Keynote Opening. Having spoken on many large stages, I will now bring this motivation directly to you by opening our time together with inspiration, facts and stats that will inspire confidence before we even begin the work. 
Lesson on defining your personal brand. The term personal branding confuses most people. Together we will identify and define how to embolden your message through branding you as a key part of the mission.
There is more power with more minds. Work hand in hand with your fellow attendees through multiple confidence and brand building exercises to clarify your why, your message and your

How much will this cost me?

Workshop with 1-1 mini photoshoot



6 weeks of follow up support via 30 minute 1-1 virtual meetings


Additional outfit changes + time


1 hour virtual styling session


Makeup application add-on


Hairystyling Add-on