The #LRPBoudieBeauties Guide to A Self Love Experience

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You asked…They answered!

Our 2016 Boudie Beauties are always asking me if my past clients could give them one piece of advice, what would it be? Well I decided it was time to find out the answers for them! We posted in our private, ladies only, LRP Boudoir Group and asked our 2015 babes what advice they would give. Our clients have a habit of bearing the most beautiful parts of their souls to us… and these answers prove to be no different.

Well, we decided that their advice was so amazing, not only for all of our ladies already booked for 2016, but for anyone and everyone who ever questions the importance of Self Love.

We are proud to present to you

The 2015 #LRPBoudieBeauties Guide to  A Self Love Experience with Lindsay Rae Photography.

10-12-15 Micchelle Jackson Boudoir-8463-2

“Oh gosh… Where do I begin….
1. Stretch, stretch… and did I mention stretch? Lindsay will have you doing boudoir yoga to the max and I can just about guarantee no matter what amount of stretching you do, you will be sore the next day, but pushing yourself will be oh so worth it!

2. Just do it! If you are thinking about it, but saying things like “Oh, maybe in 10 more lbs” or “When I gain some confidence” just throw all the excuses out the window and do it. You will be feeling so much better about yourself and see the beauty that everyone else sees now, here, in the raw. You deserve to see this beauty and how you reflect it as you, and not your ideal you. Don’t put it off, just do it! You are beautiful now and 10lbs from now, guess what? You’ll still be beautiful!

3. Embrace the experience and take it all in. Enjoy the pampering or the hair and make up ( and pre-shoot cocktails). Engulf yourself in Lindsay’s radiant positivity and empowerment. Allow yourself to be told you look gorgeous. Allow yourself to see yourself as sexual and goddess-like. We, as women, are always in caretaker roles, always putting others before ourselves, with or without children. It’s just our nature. Allow yourself to be the center of attention for a few hours and bask in it. It’s completely amazing when you just meld yourself with the experience as a whole.

4. Just have fun! Lindsay is so personable that there’s no way not to just relax and have fun!”

~ Micchelle J.

11-16-15- Miss Couple Boudoir-3300

“Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone! Bring wardrobe items that have sat in your closet for a while because you’ve been scared of them. Conquering that sexy piece of clothing or prop will make you feel like a star, and the empowerment you feel will come through in the photos.”

~ Sara H.

11-23-15 Tessa King Boudoir-3956

“My one tip I would have to give anyone that is wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot would be ALWAYS stretch and work out the muscles you don’t use on a daily basis! Holding certain poses practically broke me into a sweat!”

~ Mrs. K

12-7-15 Jenn Herrington Boudoir-4572

“My one tip would be when you first go and get your first look on, you are all alone with just your reflection in the mirror take a minute to see how truly beautiful you are every curve, every line, every freckle. Let go of negativity towards yourself, let the fear and excitement of it all set in because you are about to find out how freaking amazing you are. Lindsay is amazing and makes you feel like the hottest woman on the planet! I would suggest this to any woman who ever looked at themselves in the mirror with disgust. Stop comparing yourself with others and revel in your uniqueness. There is only one you, live it up!”

~ Mrs. F

8-31-15 Brandon Dewya Boudoir & Fashion-8895

“My tip: Let’s see, I would say to embrace your fear and insecurities and have fun with this. You can bet that you will be supported and experience a personal shift… regardless of who you are before your shoot. It’s a magical experience and a great F$#@! to all the insecurities and icky negative talk you have ever danced with in the past…”

~Brandon D.

Toned-4893 (2)

“Tip: Relax and have fun! It was hard for me to relax and open up at first, but Lindsay did a great job of cracking my shell. The more you can relax, the better your pictures will come out and the better you’ll feel about yourself!

~ Mrs. Z

8-19-15 Ellie Diez Boudoir-3719

“My tips is to dedicate your shoot to someone special, someone who you can speak to with your eyes and body in each shot. It helps take your focus off yourself and distracting thoughts like “am I pretty?” OR “am I doing it right?”. I do that even for shows. It keeps me out of my head. 😉

~ Ellie D.

6-17-15 Nora Paola Boudoir-1700 - PS

“My tip would have to be first and foremost do boudoir for yourself ..loving yourself and body for what it has to offer is in and of itself a powerful thing. Once you are able to see what a confident, strong, sexy and empowering woman YOU are, it will have no choice but to reflect in your photos those lucky boyfriends, husbands, partners, etc. will be unable to keep their eyes of you and the shots Lindsay is able to take.”

 ~ Nora P.

5-1-15 Heather Herrington Boudoir-4276

“One tip is embrace every feeling you have about it. Your emotions will be flowing and each one is good. The hesitation to put yourself out there. The strength you gain from Lindsay sneaking you a glance. And then the joy of loving yourself even more!”

~ Heather H.

dre-9662 -2

“Embrace your fears and insecurities, they will force you into becoming a better you! Lindsay has the most amazing gift of embracing all of you, discovering and uncovering you. Take it all in and let it all out. Be every woman. Be you.”

~ Andrea F.