Becoming Hers – A Couples Boudoir

by | May 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

I am beyond excited to announce a new offering between LRP and Erin Marie Artistry!

For the longest time we said no to couples boudoir, I was afraid that it would cross the line into looking like porn…but then I discovered the lingerie brand Anya Lust and inspiration came surging through me like crazy.

For us couples boudoir is about mixing intimacy with fashion.  It is not just about the bedroom, but about the story that can be told.  It is about passion, lust, seduction, and exchanges of power. It is about tantalizing temptations and the compassionate touches.

These “Becoming Hers” sessions are available to our return clients on special request


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A very special thank you to the handsome Mario and Daniel of M&D Farms in Westerlo, NY!

If you are a bride looking for a venue this should be one at the tippy top of your list…it is amazing!

Also be sure to keep your eyes out for my home girl Nicole Nero who captured this same amazing duo in a styled wedding shoot! Nicole is at the top of my list for referrals when our Bridal Boudoir clients ask for photographer recommendations for their wedding!

And to the two drop dead gorgeous models Maiya Genovisi and Dave Anderson…who met for the first time in lingerie, who followed my crazy direction, and from that brought forth a true and exquisite connection, I thank you.  I looked high and low for the two perfect people to complete my vision, and after sourcing through tons of submissions, there was no one that stood out to me the way that you two did.  Your professionalism and willingness to push limits do not go un-noticed.

And of course, nothing is ever possible without my right hand gal, my partner in glam crime, my confidant and one of my very best friends up here….Erin Goyer Bink of Erin Marie Artistry

So ladies, who is bringing their partners (male or female) to create some amazing art with us?