Blonde Boudoir

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I have been waiting to share this session until the end of the year because I thought it was the perfect opportunity to acknowledge all of the people that have really stepped up and supported LRP this season.  First is Cassandra from CMD Makeup Artistry. Cassandra has stepped in as our incredible makeup artist while Erin, our main girl has been on maternity leave.  I am so glad to say that Cassandra has become part of the LRP family and will totally be sticking around! I love what she did with Kay’s makeup here! Dewy, sultry and sexxxxyyyyy! It was perfect for this blonde! Next is Vick and Heather who own Pecks Arcade and Lucas Confectionery where this shoot took place.  One of the main reasons that I love living in downtown Troy is because of what a supportive arts community it is. Vick and Heather have never batted an eye when I have asked to shoot in their space, in fact I could easily say that they have not only encouraged it, but are a huge part of cultivating the Troy artists community.  At anytime you walk into one of their restaurants or bars you will find artists tucked away in all corners working on their craft. Lastly is Luke Walker and Clark + Walker Studio. Luke and Alisha were the first people that encouraged me to pick up a camera and have been some of my biggest mentors.  Luke actually knew Kay because she is a stylist at Changes Salon, the salon he and his family frequent.  I asked Luke to come by at the end of Kay’s session, knowing they knew each other. If you see that beautiful creamy light at the end, that is compliments of Luke teaching me a new technique to get the light to wrap around my subject, a trick I have now been able to add to my bag and use often! I am really proud to not only run LRP Boudoir, but to also be an associate wedding photographer at Clark + Walker Studios…dare I say, the best wedding studio in the Capital Region.

Now for a little bit about this sultry #LRPBoudieBeauty.  I met Kay through Heather, a past  family (and boudoir, that is her on our contact page!) client, back when I was still photographing family sessions. Kay tagged along with her friend as support with her two boys for a mommy and me session and when we realized we had quite a few mutal friends, we decided to keep in touch! And boy am I glad that we did, because as soon as we got together to shoot, it was just magic. We grooved and vibed from the very first shot!

So for the final blog of 2015, please enjoy the seductive Miss Kay!

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Happy New Year!!!!