Chasing the Light Boudoir

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

You know that old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”? well, that saying is especially true for this session. Beth had pre-scouted some locations near her house “creepy places” as her and her (super talented) bestie and makeup artist, Erin Muller, call them.  One of the locations was an old abandoned farmhouse and the other was literally a broken down building and broken down car lot.  The thing is, location matters, a little, but what really matters is being able to chase the light, to find it and to harness it to bring out that sort of magical feel to the session.

I talk about light alot…both on a physical plane of thinking but also on a more spiritual and existential level.  There is so much darkness in this world, that I am often left wondering how we can bring just a little more light in.  For me I have found that through empowering women to love themselves.

There is so much darkness in this world, that I am often left wondering how we can bring just a little more light in.

Beth is one of those people that radiate light, that walk around with such a bounce in their step that you would almost assume they were floating. It is people like her that remind me that it is ok to be a little lighter on my feet, lighter on myself really….with all of the terror and darkness and jealousy in the world, to be around a group of women who’s sole mission was to show that it is ok to feel beautiful was….well…it was enlightening. Uplifiting really.

There are women out there who want you to succeed, who want you to feel beautiful, who want you to soak up the light in life…don’t let the things of the past dictate how you feel about yourself today.  I think we can all take a little lesson from my experience shooting with Beth…just be a little bit lighter…on your feet, in life…on yourself.

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A special thank you to Cassondra of Changes Salon for the beautiful hippie hair and to Erin Muller Makeup for the gorgeous boho babe look!