Body Confidence Boudoir

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So, we talk alot about being comfortable in our skin…alot about it. But so seldom do I have clients walk in my door who truly embrace their skin without hesitation…most women come to me to try and find that confidence within themselves again…or for the first time.  But not Ms. K. Nope. This #LRPBoudieBeauty walked in with body confidence, with her head held high, ready for anything and everything I threw her way. I really love this quote from a fellow Boudoir photographer friend of mine Lindsay Hess, “How to look good naked: Step 1.) Get Naked. Step 2.) That’s it. Step 3.) You look fucking awesome!”

How to look good naked:

Step 1.) Get Naked.     Step 2.) That’s it.    Step 3.) You look fucking awesome!

I am loving seeing more and more of my clients embracing their bodies, being unafraid to show of the parts of them that make them the most feminine, their curves their lines, their assets.  I am even more loving that these women are looking at themselves and saying “yes, I am a work of art” and ordering large estate art pieces to remind themselves daily that the skin they are in is worthy of admiration, adoration and appreciation.

I am often asked how I feel about my daughter, Gaia, seeing naked / semi nude pictures around the home and my response to that is always the same. I tell them am teaching my daughter that the female body, that her body, is a work of art, that is is perfect, and that it is something to be worshiped, invested in…that her body is worthy of spending money on and that some cheap cell phone snap will never do, but that she is justified enough that if she wants to celebrate her body, when she is old enough, she will see it as art, art worthy of a museum…that she will invest in herself. I am teaching her that the female body is something to be worshiped, that she should love herself, not be afraid of herself, not be afraid of her skin. That when she is old enough she can adorn her home in images that remind her that loving herself is not a crime, but one of the best things you can do for yourself.

In an age and generation where body dis-morphia is a growing, and scary trend, adorning our homes with images of ourselves show our children that body positivity is a real thing, what we show in our home speaks so much louder than what they say in school or on TV…what we show in our homes and how we look at ourselves in the mirror, those tiny moments when we think our kids are not watching, those are the moments where they are most shaped by us.  Teaching the next generation to love themselves starts with loving yourself and letting your children, honestly, see you doing it.

I have told the story of how I named my daughter before, but I think it is worthy of repetition.  When I was about 13 years old, living in Orlando Florida, my mom brought me home a series of books from the book store called “Fearless” by Francine Pascal. It only took me 1 book into the series to fall absolutely in love with the story.  The story was about a girl named Gaia, a high school senior who was born without the fear gene. Yup, that’s right, born with no fear.  This high school girl had no idea how beautiful she was, how smart she was, how strong she was, because her lack of fear never allowed her to compare herself to others (…see, in my personal opinion, comparison stems from a fear of not being good enough) She would, through the story, eventually learn to harness her lack of fear and to become a female super hero of sorts…since I was 13 I always said, if I ever have a daughter I will name her Gaia…not after mother earth (although that is an added bonus as I lurveeee Greek Mythology) but after the character in the book.  I want my daughter to be fearless.

As usual, there is a reason I am sharing these thoughts with images of this client…Ms.K taught me, again, it is ok to embrace your body, that there is nothing wrong with being fearless.

These first 4 images are the beautiful pieces that Ms. K bought for her home in 20×30 White Mount Metal Lex Estate Art pieces  They are going to make an amazing installation and a beautiful reminder that it is ok for her to love and worship her own self <3 <3 <3

LRD_0626-Edit LRD_0418-Edit LRD_0710-Edit LRD_0730-Edit

Can you even stand it?! Those four are going to make the most epic of wall installations <3 <3 <3
Now for the full set <3

3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0239 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0244 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0257 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0267 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0288 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0314 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0290 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0297 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0318 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0322 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0326 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0343 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0347 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0363 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0353 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0371 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0372 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0385 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0401 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0409 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0415 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0420 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0426 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0452 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0467 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0445 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0479 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0535 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0510 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0507 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0504 LRD_0540-Edit 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0543 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0565 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0566 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0604 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0649 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0653 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0657 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0685 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0702 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0715 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0704 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0718 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0717 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-07243-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-07403-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0736 3-25-16 Regina Hanson Boudoir-0745

As always, a special thank you to my glamming partner in crime Erin Marie Artistry <3