Correia Family’s Snowy Winter Session

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

If you know me, you know that year round Engelke Farm is one of my very favorite places to shoot!  There are just so many options and different landscapes!  Add to that a beautiful family, the sweetest most well behaved little girls, and a dash of soft winter light and you have  a recipe for success! Nicole and Patrick are just the nicest couple and I was so thrilled that they were willing to not only brave the cold, but embrace it in all of its snowy goodness.

me_1984 me_1985 me_1986 me_1987 me_1988 me_1989 me_1990

She just might be a Daddy’s girl!

me_1991 me_1992 me_1993 me_1994 me_1995 me_1996 me_1997 me_1998 me_1999 me_2000 me_2001

Those little cheeks though!

me_2002 me_2003 me_2004 me_2005 me_2006

I was honored when Nicole allowed me to capture this intimate moment of her feeding her yonugest daughter. There are few things more beautiful than the bond of a mother and her nursling.

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I am convinced we have a star in the making here!

me_2029 me_2030 me_2031 me_2032 me_2033 me_2034

More daddy love!

me_2035 me_2036

And to finish off, a little mommy and me time…

me_2037 me_2038 me_2039

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays and a beautiful new year!