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It’s not the, Oh, I took sexy pictures. It’s the, I made the decision to do something that scares me. I made the decision to trust someone new and I made the decision to step outside of my comfort zone and confront my body in a way that I never have before. So I think that’s really what makes this as empowering as it is. It’s not just sexy pictures. It’s an entire experience that really comes together to help our clients take  that next step into themselves. A step into who they want to be and who they see themselves as, without anybody else telling them what that is.

Take a look and read what Miss A has to say about her Self Love Experience:

“In the beginning I found myself, what felt like randomly, added to this Facebook group that were posting tons of risqué photos. After seeing a few I found myself wondering why I was added so I actually had removed myself from the group (before looking into its details). A short time goes by and I suddenly find myself re-added to this group… This time I did more research, read the pages details, got an understanding that the group was meant to lift women up. I quickly realized it wasn’t even about the photos/results I was seeing posted, it was however about the process/experience each woman went through, and communicating the body positivity to others.
I was a distant onlooker until Lindsay posted a discounted promotion for the 2019 year. I clicked the link and looked at the dates and saw that my birthday was listed. I felt like being added to the group multiple times and having my birthday available was a sign. So I bit the bullet and signed up.


Fast forward about 10 months to April 2nd, photo shoot day. The most confused my mind and body could be; blood pumping, nervous, sweating all while rushing to my early morning appointment with a garment bag full of lingerie hanging in the back. 
That all stopped the second I walked in the front door, the nerves, the sweat, the high blood pressure, the anticipation of body shy me being nearly naked in front of strangers was left outside the front door.
I walked in and the ladies each greeted me all excited and raring to go!
They showed me around and wasted no time getting started. They were able to make me my most comfortable in my most vulnerable state. I tried on several pieces, much to my surprise, changing and walking out in see through items was easier than anticipated. It also helped that they loved everything I had tried on, I already felt good about myself just simply from that!
After picking the top three pieces it was makeup time! Who doesn’t love a little glam especially done by someone else! The makeup artists are great at letting you take the lead on how you want to look. If you want simple because you traditionally don’t wear makeup then they’ll make that happen, if you want to transform yourself and look completely different then they can do that too! It’s your shoot it’s your choice! 
After glam came stretching and quiet self reflection. There is music going but you’re by yourself so you start wondering whet this is going to be like. I was texting my boyfriend and sent him a quick selfie of my makeup and hair to see what he thought. 
When Lindsay was ready, I texted one last goodbye to him and we headed up stairs to the loft.
Picture time; at this point I’m a different person. I’m just moving and following direction like it’s my day job. I won’t go full detail because I want the people who read this and do their own shoot to have their own surprise experience like I did. 
Time flew by as we traveled through the loft to different sets, I wish it was longer, I was having the best experience! I just have to add, thank goodness I was an athlete my whole life and maintained a fairly flexible body because some of the poses will really get ya! When they say stretch weeks in advance they mean it!
After the shoot we went back downstairs and sat to go through photos to make choices. Holy hell was I surprised at the images on the screen. I could not believe they were photos of me! Now to preface my boyfriend tells me every day, several time a day actually, that I’m beautiful and makes me feel very loved but these photos put me on another level mentally. As with most women we’re our own toughest critic. I can easily pick myself apart any time any day but not this day. This day I was the prettiest girl on earth. I even kept my glam on and wore a lingerie piece with jeans and heels out for my birthday dinner that evening.
This experience, those images, it all confirmed what my boyfriend constantly reminds me of. That I am beautiful, not just one or two parts of me but all of me. I hope everyone else who bites the bullet and does a shoot has an equally or better experience. Whether the shoot is just for you, or done as a gift for someone else I hope it empowers you and that the images you choose continue to empower you and make you feel beautiful daily.”

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