Father Daughter Session at Engelke Farm

by | Oct 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

I couldn’t help myself with the beautiful morning light! After snapping of a test shot and seeing how beautiful it was, I made my husband and daughter jump out of the car so I could snap off a few shots of them together. These two are the best of friends!

Farrah Daughter_1107 Farrah Daughter_1108

Farrah Daughter_1122 Farrah Daughter_1110 Farrah Daughter_1111 Farrah Daughter_1112 Farrah Daughter_1113 Farrah Daughter_1114

Someone was starting to get quite tired and ready for her morning nap!

Farrah Daughter_1119

Time to go home for a nap!

Farrah Daughter_1120 Farrah Daughter_1121

Say bye bye Gaia!

Farrah Daughter_1117 Farrah Daughter_1118