Finding Myself Between Children

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Every few months we get an email with one of our clients who’s shoot date is approaching who is so stinking nervous that they almost consider cancelling.  They email me to find out “what their options are” and surrounding that question is always so much insight into who they are and what it is that they are actually afraid of. 

This is something that we deserve to do for ourselves.  The nerves are there, and I tell all of my clients that it would be weird if they were NOT, because that would mean they strip down emotionally and literally in front of strangers every day (which nothing wrong with stripping, but our average client does not find herself on this career path.)

Taking the step to do a boudoir shoot is huge.  It means that you are finally in a place where you are going to confront yourself and your body head on, and you are doing it with me, and however awesome I may think I am, I am still a stranger to you.  That’s a big thing to do in front of a stranger.  Trust me when I say we see this and we get it!

We also know how empowering it can be to see yourself through our eyes, to remember that you are not just a mom or business owner or wife, or friend.  You are a woman, and one who is deserving of recognition and more-so one who is deserving of loving herself!

Read below to see how Mrs.K felt about her Self Love Experience!

“Doing something for myself is a rare opportunity. With two small kids, “self” time is few and far between and I always end up putting myself on the back burner. I spent years going back and forth on doing a photo shoot with Lindsay and Erin. Being Erin’s cousin, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her and Lindsay’s work grow and transform. I would always say “next year I’ll do it” but of course never did. 

Then my son came along, and a short 18 months later my daughter. I lost myself in the daily routine of 2 small kids and wife duties. During one of their naptimes I was scrolling through the latest of Lindsay’s work and decided. “I really want to do.” I had some close friends encourage me and I finally booked a shoot.Being months off, it was on the back burner of my brain. Then a few days before the shoot I started getting cold feet. I kept asking myself why should I do it? Did I really need to do it?But I didn’t cancel and I’m so grateful I did not.Seeing myself through Lindsay’s lens was the eye opener I needed to remind myself I am worth my time to take care of myself. That my body is beautiful and amazing for carrying, now, 3 blessings and I should own my curves.
Hearing  you’re sexy or beautiful  from  your significant other can sound like a phrase that is just said, but at my reveal I felt all those things he told me. I felt sexy, strong, beautiful and still felt like it was me. I’m so glad I took this opportunity and put myself first. This momma got her sexy back!

It’s an amazing experience and I will be back again? 
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