Florida Curves – Part One.

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As most of you know, I have a second business called Confident Curves.

Confident Curves is a traveling workshop produced in tandem with my partner in crime from across the boarder Teri Hofford.  Teri is a badass babe on a mission to change the way that both women and men approach their bodies and is what she coins herself as “an emotional dominatrix” shutting down negative self talk in everyone that she approaches.

Together Teri and I noticed that there was a big gap in the industry of body types that we felt were under represented!

As often as we heard from other photographers asking how to photograph curvy women, we heard the same thing about how to photograph women with “no curves” (ps all women have curves!)  Thus Confident Curves was born!

Our recent escapade was our #FloridaCurves2017 workshop where we had 11 amazing female photographers fly in from all over the US and Canada to learn from us.  Along with this we had 2 models and of course our Glam Goddess Erin Marie Artistry.  For the workshop we chose models with two completely different body types, both of whom have had years of trouble accepting their body for the way it was.

I believe we have made a small change in the way they view themselves now, and every shoot they get a bit closer to believing us.

I am going to toss it over to our featured model (a 2 time return client from NY, who happened to recently move to FL and be exactly what we were looking for for the shoot!  Cosmic alignment if you ask me!)

Read what she has to say about her experience at the workshop below and be sure to stay tuned for the next installments documenting this amazing workshop (including when we made all of our attendees put themselves in their clients shoes and get in front of our camera!) and life changing week!


“When Lindsay first asked me to write about my experience with her and the other photographers at the Confident Curves workshop I had no idea where to start. Then I started to see the photos she took of me on the beach and I was speechless.

After going through life of being told I’m not curvy enough, or too thin to be the “ideal” body shape I’ve had my fair share of body image issues. My father has gone periods of time where he thinks it’s appropriate to tell me “you’re disgusting”, “you’re too thin to find a husband” and “you won’t be able to have children, you don’t take care of yourself”. Criticism of any body type from anyone is hard, let alone your father; so needless to say I’m not confident in the way I look but after EVERY session I have with Lindsay I feel like I can slay!

So here we are…over a year and a half from my first two sessions with Lindsay and Erin, invited to model at workshop on a private beach in Boca Grande, FL. I was so excited and even more excited and anxious for some girl time and my first time away from my son since he was born, just over a year ago. Like most women I got the mom guilt that went along with it as well as my husband asking me if it was really necessary that I go away for a night..YES it is! I lost my self  being a wife and mother and needed a bit of time recharge, and find me again.

Lindsay brought some new sets from The Shops at the Loft for me to use, and I had the super talented Erin glamming me up! At first the session started like any other, me being self conscious and unsure of what I was doing. No more then ten minutes go by and I’m walking into the ocean feeling alive and in touch with myself. There is something to be said being in the ocean during sunset and taking off your clothes to take a dip; it’s a feeling like no other. It’s so invigorating and freeing! Now I take a look at the photos Lindsay shot and I don’t feel the guilt of being away from my family for a night, I feel proud that I took some time for me; I don’t feel ashamed of my body, I feel confident of the body I have and that I have this body after having a child! After a shoot I respect myself and my body a bit more and it lasts a little bit longer each time. This is why I think every woman should invest in herself, in the experience, and  in the amazing team that is Lindsay and Erin, they will make you feel so comfortable and confident and it is truly worth it.

I mean who doesn’t want to run into the ocean during sunset embracing all of what mother nature has made?”


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