Guilded – A Fine Art Nude Editorial

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I will admit, Fine Art Nude sessions are always my favorite.  There are few things more beautiful in the world than the human form, and being able to capture it as art is what I live for. I am incredibly proud of this set, not only for the images, not only for the journey I watched our #LRPBoudieBeauty take from the start to the end of her session, but because this set has been published in Voltron Magazine.

I will let this babe take it from here because her words are powerful and her point is radiating truth. 

“It was such a surreal and exciting moment when I realized I’d get to have the opportunity to shoot with Lindsay and Erin! I had been following their incredible art for a while and was always so amazed by the obvious way in which Lindsay and Erin celebrate the body and soul and all of our individual differences at a time when it’s most necessary; When young girls are being sent home from school, their educations disrupted because the vessels in which they’ll one day feed their children from prove too distracting, if god forbid a strap shows or a bra-less outline peaks through the fabric. When the president of our country himself, ridicules women for their outward appearance and even their natural bodily processes, the same ones his mother, wife, and daughter surely all endure.

When facebook in all of its data mining determines that I am a young woman aged between twenty and thirty and starts gearing every single one of its ads towards dropping pounds, slimming the waist, enhancing the breasts, making hair and eyelashes and fingernails grow, making the smile whiter, the cheekbones look higher, propagating only one definition of beauty. Lindsay and Erin are two superheroes in capes fighting that definition. And they do a damn good job. It’s such an honor getting to be a part of their self-love movement.
When my friends asked me, “Aren’t you worried about the pictures being posted for the whole world to see?”, I shrugged and said “It’s a body”. They didn’t always seem content with that answer. But it’s 2017 and naked bodies are everywhere, but maybe only that one kind of naked body.

But it’s just a body. It’s a little bit shorter than most. It’s been broken and patched up in a few places. There are old self harm scars, ruins in the skin leftover from a past life. But it’s just a body. And I can sit here and criticise myself for what makes my body different from the girls in the magazines (although now thanks to my two superheros, my tiny, imperfect, scarred little body IS in a magazine, painted golden and looking fierce) or I can celebrate that it’s healthy and powerful and that it’s the vessel that brought me here, to a positive and joyful place.

These photos only add to this journey in self-love and confidence. They made me feel absolutely stunning, especially when I saw the results of the shoot, and I can’t get over just how talented they are, not only with their creativity but what they bring out of people.

Thank you Lindsay and Erin for the beautiful work you are doing, both on your canvases and in the world. ❤

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Check out the cover of the magazine this set was featured in!


I also couldn’t resist turning this session into a sample album with our new Merlot Python with Diamond Ice Cover Opulent Album!