Her First Session

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I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share the first of 2 sessions with this incredible #LRPBoudieBeauty!  Soon after her first session we had hosted a casting call for a fine art nude session at a new venue we wanted to explore, and knew that this babe would be the absolutely perfect fit!!!  So An Opulent Album, Guilded Opulent Album, 4 AMAZEBALLS Metal Lex Estate Art pieces, and a couture Folio later and we are able to share the goodness with you!  

Stay tuned in a few weeks for her 2nd, totally different, rustic, fine art nude session photographed at M&D Farms!


“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known✨ Berné Brown

The internet is a funny thing…one day you’re  watching dog videos, next thing you know you’re making friends with people you never knew existed. It’s through one of those friends that I came to know about LRP.
When I first saw Lindsay’s work I was in awe. I had never given much thought to the concept of boudoir photography. But as I clicked through her photos something resonated within me. These were all regular, everyday, HUMAN people. In some very open and vulnerable positions and they all had one thing in common. The looked confident af. I wanted to be like these women.  
I come from a household that does not value the human body. While it was never shamed it was certainly not celebrated. I was more likely to receive a compliment on being intelligent than beautiful. That is a concept that has shaped a lot of who I’ve become as a person. I can be painfully shy, I tend to avoid direct eye contact and I keep up walls. When someone pays me a physical compliment I am quick to brush it off. I am NOT vulnerable. 
I decided to sign up with Lindsay to help me break my own walls…and she helped me smash the shit out of them. 
There was little hesitation before I took the leap and signed myself up for a session. From the very beginning something about working with Lindsay was empowering. The vibes she threw off were like little electric shocks of positive energy. She was pumped up and in turn – I was pumped up too.
From the moment I arrived, with my bag of lingerie in tow, Lindsay was quick to greet me with a warm smile and her sweet demeanor. It was as if I was visiting an old friend. 
Between getting glammed up by Miss Erin Marie, listening to some kick add music and following Lindsay’s expert direction I was shattering years of built up self doubt. 
I left the shoot feeling like a mother fucking rockstar. I felt unstoppable. The walls that I had spent so many years building up had begun to crumble. It was simply amazing. 
When I returned for my reveal, the real magic happened. I saw myself. I really SAW myself. Vulnerability and all, and it was beautiful. I had finally allowed myself to be deeply seen.”
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Hair and Makeup by the incomparable Erin Goyer Brink of Erin Marie Artistry
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