Return Client: Rustic Fine Art On-Location Boudoir

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There are few things that make me happier that when we have clients return for us for a 2nd or 3rd photoshoot!

Did you know that we offer 3 different types of shoots, with 2 of only being available to our returning clients?

We offer the Self Love Experience which are our studio sessions available to all clients and a requirement before you are eligible for one of the other types of sessions we offer.  Our return clients however get some of the really, really good stuff!

Available to return clients ONLY are the following two types of sessions!

Fine Art On-Location Boudoir:  This is your opportunity  to go to a new location or out in nature, chase the sunsets, get into the water, you name it!

Intimate Lifestyle Portrait Sessions: where we go to our clients homes and photograph them in their natural space.  These shoots are always some of my favorite and usually the 3rd time clients come to us. There is something about keeping it completely natural…almost always nude and comfortable, and capturing you in the reality of your life.  Where you see piles of dirty dishes, We see incredible opportunity to create intimate and real art.

Soooo…Had your first session and already itching for another – let’s do something new! Let’s chase the sunset, lets go to your house and make folding laundry look like the sexiest thing you have ever done!


This #LRPBoudiebeauty came back to us as a return client  for her second session not long after her first.  We had discovered the incredible M&D Farms and were dying to go explore the space and put a call out in our VIP Group for the opportunity to shoot in this space.  This babe answered the call!

There is something magical about M&D Farms….I know what it is and why it is…it is the owners.  It is Mario and Daniel.  Their passion for creating ambiance that incorporates a multi-cultural vibe with good at home appeal  is not lost on the many brides that book their weddings there and films that are filmed there…but more than that they have an energy that is so warm it can be felt from the second you pull up to the driveway.

You walk into the Farmhouse and you can smell the amazing food Daniel is cooking and hear the laugh of Mario and are instantaneously embraced by a true and genuine welcome and gratitude for coming to their space to create.  This space is not just made for weddings and events…this space is made for artists…it is a hub for creation.

….and create we did…


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Oh…I forgot to add that since it was shot on Halloween we changed this babe into a 2nd look so she could go back to NYC for the parade…we drove around until we found what we thought was the perfect side of the road location…which it was not…we were stopped by security, grilled, threatened to be put on the Homeland Security watch list, and pretty scared shitless.  A few raises of the vocal octave and eye bats later they let us leave…apparently we decided to stop in front of a nuclear plant.  Uh oh!

At least it made for some epic futuristic shots and check out that epic makeup by our Glam Goddess Erin Marie Artistry


3001_0575 3001_0576

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