I Knew I Needed This

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I often get asked if all of our clients are brides doing this for their grooms, and the fact is, maybe only 20% of our clients are brides…the other 80% are women who just want to reconnect to themselves. Truth be told, most of our brides who come to us tell us, “I am doing this so I feel amazing when I walk down the aisle and confident in front of all of those people.”

As much as boudoir can be a gift for someone, it is ALWAYS truly a gift for yourself.  The gift of being 100% honest and vulnerable with yourself.  The gift of reconnecting to your body, The gift of a makeover,  The gift of art you can wake up to every day that reminds you of what an incredibly empowered, sophisticated and sexy woman that you are.

We know more than most how intimidating it can be to take that leap to book a session.  The feeling of, “I could never look like those women.”  We get it.  But the truth is all of the women in our studio are real women just like you! Some are moms, bosses, business women, wives, brides, daughters, aunts, some are grandmothers, but all of them have one thing in common….they are real women. Real women who want to remember that they are important, valuable and worthy of loving themselves.

Take some time and read what today’s #LRPBoudieBeauty had to say about why she booked her session after heartbreak and how it helped her to reconnect to herself.

“In my heart I knew I needed to have this experience… I had gone through some loss, heartbreak and had lost my identity as a woman.  Hell… I didn’t even feel like a woman anymore.  I watched the blog and page for a long time…everyone’s stories rang true for me… and I knew I needed to experience this for myself…. Or the self I thought I would be in a year.  Oh i was going to Lose weight for my session! Be in the best shape of my life!! You know the drill.  Well a month before the session, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! I thought about canceling.  I freaked out and cried convinced I ruined this opportunity.

I had scheduled a styling session with Randi and Lindsay at the boutique.  I thought they would see me and give me clothes that would
Cover the train wreck of a body I saw in the mirror… I was so ashamed.  They were so welcoming and set me at ease.  They showed me some gorgeous pieces… but I was so scared to even come out of the changing room… these were beautiful, sexy, classy and revealing pieces.  No way I could do this.  Out Of the changing room I crept… totally flushed with nerves and insecurities.  But they made me feel so gorgeous… I started to feel for the first time in a long time… sexy!

The day of the session I had come to realize i needed to embrace the experience.  I truly didn’t think I’d even buy any pictures…I went in thinking just the mere experience would help me open up.  I listened to Lindsay and Erin’s encouraging words, the show tunes we had blaring and tried to push myself a bit.  It wasn’t until Lindsay showed me a quick shot from Her Camera that It hit me… that face staring back was beautiful, confident.  I couldn’t believe it was me (and after Lindsay had to reassure me a few times that yes It was truly me) I teared up.  I had never seen myself that way.  It was a revealing and humbling experience.

Since the reveal, I’ve never felt more at peace with myself and my body.  I respect the woman I am and am Proud to Honor my true self.  I realize am enough and worthy… and that is a priceless revelation.  I treat myself more kindly and feel empowered.  Seeing yourself through Lindsay and Erin’s eyes is an experience every woman should gift for themselves.  I am excited to have this art displayed in my home to remind me every day.” ~ S.


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Hair and makeup by Erin Marie Artistry

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