It Is Ok to Work Hard On Your Body

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In this line of work I have quickly learned that body love comes in many shapes and forms…but what I will say, as a plus size woman who strives to make a mark in this world as a champion for other plus size women to love their bodies, is that body shaming can also go in many directions.

So often I see women who work hard on their figures and go to the gym come in to our studio almost afraid to embrace all of their hard work.  To them, their body is their art, they work hard on it, and working out empowers them…but yet in this society where we have to be so vocally fragile so as not to offend other women, these women are being silenced and guilted for celebrating their accomplishments.

Well you already know what I have to say about that FUCK THAT NOISE!

As women the judgement needs to stop completely!

We need to stop guilting women for wanting to have their bodies the way that they want to have it.  It is not fair to someone who has a passion for exercise to make them feel that they are personally insulting you for wanting to have their body a certain way.  That is not how this works ladies. You cannot walk around saying plus is beautiful while tearing down women who have naturally slim bodies, or tearing down women who love the gym and have a passion for sculpting their bodies as their own form of art.

You know what you can do?  You can celebrate each other.  You can celebrate your differences.  You can embrace every body type without taking someones choices or goals as a personal attack on yourself.  You can stop shaming gym culture to raise up plus culture, and you can stop shaming plus culture to make yourself feel better about being slender.

Now that my Monday morning rant is over, lets talk about this gorgeous babe here!

Aside from having possibly one of the best natural booties I have ever seen, she also has crazy good style and I loved that she brought that with her to her session! I simply cannot get enough of the fine art nudes at the end with the body harness!

When this gorgeous woman came in for her session one of her main goals was to show off how hard she had been working on her body, and that is exactly what we did!  Be sure to scope the amazing Fine Art Framed Canvas she purchased at the end of the blog!

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