Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

There is something to be said for the unstaged moments, the moments where most people are typically not watching.

This is the goal of our Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture sessions that we offer to our return clients.

Now of course I will still pose and shoot like a normal session, but the difference is that we are creating a different set and a story now…a story about you and who you are.  Be it in your home among your things, in your barn along with your animals, or in the favorite hotel room you stay in every time you go to NYC between photoshoots while you scarf down a pizza and some swigs of champs before running out the door to to get to your spa appointment.

These sessions are about YOUR reality.  The quiet moments, the loud moments, the intimate moments usually saved for behind closed doors.

When you come for your first session we create glamour and unleash your inner sexual being, but when you return we create the story that captures this intimacy in a way that is unique to only you.

Erin and I had a blast in NYC last time we were there, despite me coming down with the plague, we still managed to get in, what might be, my favorite photoshoot of Erin to date.

Makeup leftover from that mornings makeup client and a 3 hour drive later we were ravenous and ready to finally relax before running out the door to our spa appointment.  Having originally planned to photograph Erin the next morning, we saw the light coming in the room from the early setting sun and decided to say “fuck it” and do the shoot then and there….to capture the reality of the moment and of this extraordinary life that we are lucky enough to be able to live.

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Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry