Kitty’s Boudoir & Headshot Session in Troy

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

When Kitty asked me to take pictures of her I was overjoyed, because I have known her since she was just 8 years old, and have been dying to take updated pictures to show just what a gorgeous woman she has become.

Kitty is a contemporary dancer and actress in NYC and boy oh boy have those dance lesson’s been paying off!

me_0822 me_0844 me_0823 me_0832 me_0830

Sass to the max!

me_0833 me_0834 me_0835 me_0846

a little leg can be so sexy…


This is one of my favorites!



me_0842 me_0838 me_0839 me_0840 me_0841 me_0843 me_0845

Now for the headshot portion of our shoot!

me_0824 me_0825 me_0826 me_0827 me_0828 me_0829 me_0847 me_0848

Walk, walk, fashion baby… yes I did just quote a Lady Gaga song, feel free to judge me 😉


Sexy little outtake.

me_0852 me_0853 me_0855

This girl just radiates beauty!

me_0866 me_0867 me_0856 me_0857

Every shoot needs a little sunflare!


My personal favorite for headshot! So much personality!

me_0859 me_0860

This girl can play your best friend or your worst enemy, I love when clients bring their talents to the shoot!

me_0861 me_0862 me_0863 me_0864 me_0865