Mrs. K Boudoir

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Every once in a while a client comes in that completely surprises me. Mrs. K and I had talked for a while leading up to her shoot about everything from wardrobe to what her vision of sexy was, to what celebrity embosses her version of sexy (this is a question I ask all of my clients!) She had told me that her celebrity was Taylor Swift, so I had sort of assumed a mild, softer look from the whole shoot, which was exactly how we started with the pink and lace. However, once we got over to Takk House for the 2nd half of her shoot, and added a little more smoke to her makeup look, she brought out her full on vixen and I loved every second of it! Even though she brought along a lot of┬áreally cutesy lingerie pieces, after seeing her in her first few poses, and seeing her start to warm up to me, I knew right away that less was more for this beauty… so we tucked away the frills and went for a more simplistic look and she rocked the heck out of the sporty sexy look!


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Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry.