Mrs. Liz C Boudoir at Takk House

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

Liz was our first shoot of 2015, and what a way to ring in the new year and at one of our very favorite places to shoot, Takk House!

I honestly couldn’t tell you which look I like best for Liz, the high key headshots or the low key body shots in the grooms room at Takk House, this woman was able to pull them all of.

A  marathon runner and a mother to an adorable little boy, I often see the hashtag #crazymotherrunner used by Liz on social media and I absolutely love it.  One thing I can say about this girl is that she is dedicated, when she decides to do something, she does it full out, be it “momming”, running, or trusting me fully and jumping head strong into her boudoir session.  There is really nothing better than a client who trusts you and lets themselves be vulnerable for the camera…that is when the truest beauty is captured…

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hair and makeup by emarzmakeup