Ms. Kitty P Boudoir

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You may recognize Kitty as the cover model for my Dream Shoot Planner, she has been a muse of mine for some time now. I decided that it was about time to compile some of my favorite looks of hers into a blog post to share with everyone.

From Bedroom Glam, to Street Sexy, to Bridal Boudoir the options for looks for your shoot are pretty much endless, and the best part is that most packages include multiple looks.

me_2317 me_2319 me_2320 me_2318

You may recognize this same tattoo from Teresa’s blog post (on her wrist). ┬áTeresa and Kitty are sister-in-laws and this tattoo is Kitty’s brother, and one of my best friend’s who passed away in 2013 actual heartbeat which was provided to the family from the hospital. #4AJme_2315 me_2305 me_2306 me_2307 me_2326

This is an outtake, but I love the laughter and emotion here so I decided to include it anyways ­čÖé

me_2324 me_2325


This next one might be one of my favorite pictures I have taken in my career, I just cannot get enough of that “Bring it” look in her eyes.

me_2309 me_2310 me_2311 me_2321 me_2322 me_2312 me_2313 me_2314

me_2209 me_2210 me_2211 me_2212 me_2213 me_2214 me_2215 me_2219 me_2216 me_2217 me_2218

Amazing cinematographer Joey B came along for the bridal boudoir look to capture some behind the scenes shots…I hope to get my hands on some of that footage to share sometime soon <3

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What is your sexy style?