Mrs. Sarah’s Headshot and Boudoir Session

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

I was so excited for Sarah’s session, 1 because she is gorgeous and 2 because she is just exploding with personality and genuine happiness.  We started out at my apartment with hair and make-up by my main lady Erin Marzilli of EMARZ MAKEUP.  It was a super relaxed time getting ready, listening to pandora and sipping on some healthy peach tea.  Once our girl was all glamed up (with a sexy red lip to boot!) we got started on headshots!  Sarah is a mommy blogger, in addition to many other professional hats…yes that is right, this insanely sexy and gorgeous woman is a mother of TWO!  Since I knew about Sarah’s writing I thought it would be a cute idea to bring the two sides of her together in her headshots, by adding in the teddy bear!

I am a big believer that just because we become mothers, does not mean that we simply stop being beautiful,  feminine women, women who have every right to embrace their femininity, sensuality and individuality.

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