Tiane Novati Winter 2015

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It is always a great time when I get to work with Tara Holmes of Tiane Novati and Erin Marzilli of EMARZMAKEUP. Tara and I are always dreaming up fun ideas for styled shoots, and when I knew she was working on some awesome fall/winter bridal headpieces for 2015, my mind started to flood with ideas.  I knew that I wanted to capture something that really spoke to the changing of the seasons, so I sent Tara a few images of this large tulle skirt I envisioned, and boy oh boy did she deliver! We found the amazing vintage fur and cashmere sweater and leather vest at Dang! That’s Cherry, these two pieces really drove the concept of the shoot home.

I really loved all of the details Tara pulled together, soft, vintage and muted. Just like with Tara, when I told the concept of a darker more edgy make-up to juxtapose the softness of the bridal style, Erin stepped up and delivered exactly that: A sexy, edgy bridal look that is sure to turn heads!

The best part of all, is the discovery that our “groom”, Kee, is also a bad-ass hairstylist, right in the middle of getting ready!  I was kind of obsessed with the laid back half up-half down do that he gave our gorgeous “bride”, Eliza!

We decided to style the shoot just like I would a first-look and pre-ceremony session with a real bride and groom. You know me, always looking to create a story!

So without further exposition, enjoy our wedding story…

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And now for some behind the scenes!

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