My Be Nude Again Manifesto To Parents……

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I love so much what this strong woman has to say, that I am handing the entire blog over:


“Alone, a word that often is negativity perceived. With the daunting perception of alone as lonely, many people are unable to be by themselves. Wrapping yourself in the every day to day motions, leaves the brief moments we have to oneself hard to achieve. Instead we should cherish and possibly glorify the brief moments left to oneself.

I, savor solitude. I bask in it’s momentary bliss. Let’s say those moments for me, are left to reset and reconnect with oneself.

As a mother finding alone time became a guilty pleasure. Alone time meant regaining previously under appreciated simplicities.

Simplicities as; closing my eyes for a few minutes without the responsibility of being a watch dog to my child ,hearing silence again without 12 battery operated toys are talking over one another, reading a book on my own rhythm without snack break interruptions and most importantly feeling unhinged enough to walk around in the raw. Simplistic notions of self that as parents we struggle to find again. They become lost in the crumbs of crushed goldfish being vacuumed up.

How we regain these things again can become a well orchestrated show we organize in the privacy of our minds. Finding time to read uninterrupted, can be done by opening that book during nap time. Hearing complete silence in the house, can be solved by waking up before the rest of house is awake. But where does being bare take front and center stage? The connection to our self in our skin is ignored much to often.

So when “the kids are gone” I pose the challenge to find what being in the nude feels like again. Covet the brief moments to be you in what so ever form it is.”


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