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It is always awesome when clients come back for another session. So many people don’t understand why, until they have a session themselves, and then sure enough they want to come back for more too. It is not just about pretty pictures, it is about the experience and documentation of personal growth and self acceptance and of self love and gratitude. It is about choosing to say that you are worthy enough to be documented and celebrated and that your journey deserves an heirloom to remind you of your strength, grace and vibrance.

It is not just about pretty pictures, it is about the experience and documentation of personal growth and self acceptance and of self love and gratitude.

Erin and I first met in February of 2015, she was recently engaged and knew that she wanted something to give her husband on the morning of their wedding.  We shot light and bright and sweet for her first session….but as my work took a turn for a more raw vulnerability, Erin herself was on a similar journey of self love and accepting that very real, sexual and raw part of herself.  She told me she knew she needed to do another session pretty early on and we got the planning set in motion…not that she didn’t love her first session, but she wanted to be shot with the new found part of herself on display.  The sexy, sensual, bad-ass, ‘female in her place of power’ that you see below. She was super clear to me about wanting to finally put her “sexy” on display and be photographed in a way that showcased what she was finally starting to believe about herself.  Let me tell you, I have no doubts that when he gets his Heirloom Box and Opulent Album as a gift the morning of their wedding, her husband-to-be will not simply be walking down the aisle…he will be sprinting!

You see that is why I love what I do, and even more so why I love returning clients. To not only have an opportunity to document their vulnerability, but to have a chance to again document their growth and acceptance of their sexual feminine power.  You want to talk about life changing moments? Watch a woman see herself the way you see her for the first time, watch her face in disbelief while she says “I can’t believe that is actually me!”

Hunny, I am here to tell you, it has been you the entire time…I am just glad you finally see it too <3

2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5572 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5589 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5613 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5617 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5652 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5720 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5756 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5770 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5887 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5898 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5919 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5925 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5926 copy 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5989 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-5997 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-6045 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-6162 2-19-16 Erin Carney Boudoir-6199

Thank you to my partner in crime Erin Marie Artistry for pampering and glamming out this already gorgeous babe for a second time!


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