Vintage Family Shoot with Lynn, Colin and Miles

by | Jul 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Lynn and I had been talking about her shoot for a while, and it all clicked together when she showed me her fantastic Vintage dress!

We decided to take a trip out to some old train tracks and let the inspiration flow from there!

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Miles embodies the true essence of a boy – I just loved watching him explore and take charge.


Its few and far between that you see a couple that has been married for a while, still have the sparks that these two have!

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Can we just take a second to call out these amazing headpieces created and lent to us by Tiane Novati (Available at Anchor No. 5 Boutique) and Dang! That’s Cherry.  I think Lynn looks just stunning! Also a special Thank You to Sean from Seano’s Circus Theatricks for lending us all of the fabulous vintage luggage!


Colin and Miles are best buds!


It is always an honor when a mom allows me into the very special and private moments with her little one, especially whens he is nursing.


On the way home, we saw this great field and decided to take just a few more pictures before the sun went completely behind the trees…