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As we all know, Erin and I have a slight obsession with NYC sessions!

There is just something about the energy of New York City that ignites a fire in an artists soul and allows for the most pure form of creation.  Perhaps it is the consistent pulse of energy, maybe it is the fact that you can be surrounded by thousands of people yet completely alone at the same time…whatever it is, the city is where my heart has always belonged.

This last session is probably the most “me” creative work I have ever done.  Inspired by the queen herself, Beyonce, I asked Erin to rock her swimsuit top and my winter coat along with our Sansa Necklace from The Shops at The Loft and my favorite new booties from Zara (yes, Erin and I wear the same size shoes and it is fucking AMAZING!) and we took to the streets.

One of the things I love the most about city sessions is that you can’t really plan for them.  I might have scouted an amazing spot the night before, but the day of your session there is a line around the block for a new restaurant and that spot is shot…so we walk.  We take just one hand held light and walk around the Lower East Side and I look for moments and scenes that inspire me.  I think this is a huge reason why people love these city sessions so much… you can feel the inspiration of the moment in them, the energy, the connection.

Tomorrow we officially launch 2018’s NYC Experience offering!

There will only be 12 NYC Dates available and the sessions will include the full Self Love Experience, 3 extra outfit changes, a hotel room to stay in after your session wraps, professional styling by our stylist Randi, a $250 lingerie credit to our lingerie store, Estate Art, Gilded Opulent Album and a Retro Viewfinder + more!

If you have ever dreamed of your own NYC Experience, tomorrow is the day to pay attention to our LADIES ONLY VIP GROUP on facebook!!!!

Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1766Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1768Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1767 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1769 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1770 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1771 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1772 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1773 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1774 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1775 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1776 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1777 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1778 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1779 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1780 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1781 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1782 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1783 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1784 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1785 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1786 Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1787

Thank you again to Period Magazine for publishing some of our favorites from this session in your last issue of 2017!

Boudoir New York - Self Love Experience_1767

Also check out this gorgeous upsized Metal Lex Estate Art I got as the final sample for my office?  I just love the way these city sessions translate to printed art!!!!!!!!

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Hair and Makeup by Erin Marie Artistry herself!

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