42 and Bringing Sexy Back

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So as most of you know, my favorite place on the internet is our LRP – LADIES ONLY  VIP Group!  This group has become more than a place just to post pictures that I have taken or to talk about lingerie, but it has become one of the most supportive communities of women that I know.

We have set out to create a safe place online where you can talk about everything from your session to body hair to coping with body image issues, to talking about divorce to celebrating your accomplishments.

There really are few things that make me happier than when I hear that ding on my phone and it is a notification that one of our members has shared something…and that is because I know what they are sharing!

They are sharing empowering stories, badass women of the world, inspirational quotes, awesome female run projects.  Anything and everything that screams GIRL POWER!

…and not to bring politics into it…

But in a climate where it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a woman… with rape culture being spewed from the highest offices of our country, the ongoing fight for equal pay for equal work, the rights to make decisions for our own bodies being threatened…. Having a safe place where women do nothing but lift each other up makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There is no cattiness, there is no competition, there is nothing but love in there.  It is my happy place.

So to all of the #LRPBoudieBeauties in our tribe, thank you!  We see you, we hear you, and we appreciate you!

Now, let’s kick it on over to this glamazon who found us through our group and read about her Self Love Experience!


“When I was considering a boudoir photo shoot, I met with another amazing photographer but the universe took me in another direction. I was invited to Lindsay’s Facebook group (coincidentally, the same day I met with the other photog) by a friend who had a session with her. After viewing Lindsay’s photos, I fell in love and not just with the pics, but with the whole self love experience! We, as women, are so critical of our bodies on a daily basis, that we begin to believe what we see. We never see the beauty in ourselves that others see.

I wasn’t nervous or anxious or even excited when my day came with Lindsay as I just didn’t know what to expect! She welcomed me into her studio and I instantly felt comfortable. Erin is truly a make-up artist! She enhanced my best features! Cheekbones for days!!! Not to mention, her boudoir photos?? Talk about smoking hot!! Lindsay is such a sweetheart. She, too, is an artist with an incredible eye for sexy! She knows how to get you into just the right position to expose your best (ass)ets!

I just received my photos…Yayyy! They will be my daily reminder that I am not just a mom or a (soon to be) wife but a sexy beast that needed to be captured by someone like Lindsay. Now I can see myself and my beauty as others do!! #42yearsyoungandbringingsexyback” ~ N


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Check out some of the gorgeous art that this #LRPBoudieBeauty took home with her!!!

This babe did our Metal Lex Estate Art Collection with an added Metal Lex and our Platinum Leather Guilded Opulent Album!

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hair and makeup by Erin Marie Artistry