A Letter to My Photographer

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I have to say, I am never more honored than when clients fly out to us or when they fly us to them.  The trust and vulnerability it takes to go so far from your home and put yourself in such a new situation is never lost or under appreciated by me.  

This gorgeous woman flew all the way from her beach town in Florida to meet us in NYC for quite the epic session and experience. 

She wrote me this beautiful letter, and rather than going on and on, I think you should just read below how the Self Love Experience has impacted her. 


“To my favorite photographer,

Where to start, well it began after seeing your work from a friend of mine.  The way you captured her sexuality, confidence, and beauty, I just had to sign myself up!  My initial inspiration to do it sooner than later was it is my 20th anniversary this year and frankly I am just about out of ideas, so I thought this is something I have never done, and he will love it.  So it started out as a gift for him.  But as time went by, and after watching the fantastic documentary, Embrace” I decided, yeah, I will give him the book, but I am doing this for me too!  When I arrived for the session, fabulous music was playing, champagne was chilled and the first thing you said to me was,” You as so pretty’.  If only everyone would greet me that way. I immediately felt like I was hanging out with two girlfriends, out in NYC for the weekend.  I opened my suitcase which was filled with any panties, bras and lingerie I could dig out of my drawers at home.  You asked me to choose my favorites and to my pleasant surprise they were also the ones you said would photograph best, then you said, “ You did good”  Just another boost to my confidence! Next, I was transformed by Erin to a “Supermodel” with stunning hair and makeup, then made a quick change into “outfit #1” You so easily explained how to get into each pose, and to this day wish I could remember what you said to make me laugh, where you captured my smile in what ended up being one of my favorite photos, it was so natural.  So the shoot goes on, easy, fun, relaxing, I never thought about how I was almost naked in front of two near strangers.  To stand on a balcony in a bra and panties in downtown New York City and have your photo taken is one experience I will remember forever, and it was so empowering.  So after a short two weeks, the “teasers” arrive in my inbox.  I was going to keep the final product a surprise for my husband but I was so excited I couldn’t wait.  His reaction, “Is that you?”  I took that as a compliment.  I found myself at stop lights opening the email to stare in amazement at the photos.  It wasn’t a, “Look how hot I look”, well it was a little, but it was the whole thing, the art of it, the beauty of the light, seeing myself in a different view.  Two more weeks passed and I had my reveal session via Skype.  We had fun narrowing 200+ photos down to about 40.  There was a particular photo where I am in a handstand against the glass window.  I went to mark it as a “no”, and you with all your wisdom said, “Are you sure, that is one of the photos you will look back on and say look at what I did at 44 years old”  And I was sold!  Today I received the final proofs, and as I went through them, I was thinking, oh, I don’t like this, or don’t like that, then I realized, I was looking for the flaws, I wasn’t looking at the whole photo, the light, the background, the sexiness of the pose, the experience, and then I no longer saw the flaws and only saw one of the best experiences of my life.



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I just loved this #nophotshop snap of Erin glamming her up!!