A Letter From Her Husband

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We  often get to hear from our #LRPBoudieBeauties, but it is a rare and beautiful occurrence that we get to witness the reactions, thoughts, and feelings of their partners…and an even rarer occurrence that a man so deeply understands what we, as women, go through.  I was blown away and brought instantly to tears by the letter that Jenna’s huband, Quentin, sent me about her boudoir session, to share with all of you. His words hit deep, and deserve to be read, re-read and then read again.


Jenna is the embodiment of love for me. She is everything I always wanted in a relationship. From the moment we started dating I knew there was something different about her. We’ve been through a lot in the past 12 years. Lots of good times, bad times and A LOT of in between. The past 5 years, in particular, have been an especially emotional time for us. We began trying to have children at the beginning of that time only to discover that it was going to be a bit more difficult for us than it is for others. For, what seemed like an eternity, we were met with disappointment after disappointment. There were some days I couldn’t handle it and just shut down, ready to give up. Jenna always kept the motivation going. Always had the positive attitude that we were going to have our children. She was willing to do anything for that. I look back now and think about all she went through and it was amazing. Her determination through it all. I’ve never seen something like that before. Well, eventually it worked and we had our 2 beautiful babies, TWINS, Rial and Avery. Our perfect little boy and girl. What we always wanted! Man, we had NO CLUE! Haha. Now through this entire pregnancy Jenna steadily gained weight, as she should, and pretty much was “all belly” until that last month. She was retaining water and we later learned she developed preeclampsia but she hung on until a nice 37 weeks and gave birth to 2 healthy babies. Sacrificing her own health, safety, and formerly petite little body to give them the health they needed to be present in the world. I saw the changes, bigger breasts, wider hips, stretch marks but I didn’t care. She was giving life to our children. That’s all that mattered to me. I still saw my amazingly sexy wife and never deterred from that image AT ALL. Unfortunately, Jenna struggled with that same image the coming months after they were born. As I’m certain lots of new mamas do. I’ve always thought Jenna was gorgeous and sexy. Always. Unfortunately, she didn’t have that same message growing up. She was always told there was something “wrong” with her in some type of way. She wasn’t skinny enough, or her hair didn’t look right, or her tattoos ruined her body. Always something. I’ve spent a good part of our relationship making her see that those things aren’t true. That she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful just the way she is. I just wanted her to see that same thing I do. As soon as she showed be the boudoir I thought it was perfect. Here are all these beautiful women willing to bare it all to shed all that nastiness and hurt they were told or shown their entire lives. They were giving themselves a chance, a way to obtain something back that was previously lost. Somewhere along the way they were told they were fat, ugly, not perfect in the many impossible ways that they are expected to be. Every little girl thinks they are beautiful, until they’re told they’re not. Just like Jenna. I knew this was the perfect opportunity for her, so we made it happen.

Every little girl thinks they are beautiful, until they’re told they’re not.

The photoshoot went perfectly. We both love the images and I love seeing my wife in that light. Sexy, empowered, and confident about her body. Taking all that back for herself. It was a truly beautiful thing to see. Plus, she is hot as hell in them, haha. Lindsay has been absolutely fantastic through the entire process and is amazing at what she does. A big, absolutely necessary, thank you to her. She is doing some excellent work with these women. Needed work for so many unnecessarily insecure women to show them that it’s ok to be sexy and confident and to own that everyday, all day. I know she certainly began that process with my beautiful and sexy Mama. Lindsay, once again, thank you so much for doing so.”


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I just love this image of Jenna picking up her gorgeous art! Also how cute is that shirt… and those leopard flats!?!

Jenna Welch

A very special thank you to Peck’s Arcade for allowing us to shoot in their beautiful space and to my Glam Goddess, Erin Marie Artistry for making this gorgeous babe feel even more glamorous!