Girl Boss

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

I have been waiting a few months to finally be able to share this session!  I am absolutely in love with the babe we photographed here!

You all know I am all about women power and women owning their power and there are few things that I love more than a girl boss!  Especially the kind of girl boss who creates her own way and path!

This gorgeous babe and her partner had a dream of a restaurant and turned it into a reality!  When she first reached out to me about her session and suggested bringing food and making food sexy I was a bit throw off, but then when she told me why, I was all for it!  Showing off and owning her full womanly power! We set out to capture her body, her confidence, her vulnerability, her sexuality and her business all in one shoot and I am pretty proud to say that I think we captured all of that and more.

Ladies, our bodies are our vessels, they are what take us on our journeys, they are what carry our thoughts to chase our dreams.  Celebrate them, Love them! Love every inch of your body, for without it, none of your dreams are possible!

PS: This gorgeous woman’s restaurant is now my daughters favorite place and so busy we find ourselves waiting for tables when we go sometimes AND she is about to open up a second restaurant!  (yaaaaaaasssssssss kween!)

Check out her gorgeous and empowered images from her session below!


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hair and makeup by Erin Marie Artistry