Summer Daze – An Editorial as Seen in Ellements Magazine

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Uncategorized

I have never been the biggest fan of summer, there has always been something about the pressure to relax that causes me to be even more stressed than usual.

As someone who doesn’t really do holidays, I find the winter to be the most relaxing time of year for me.  I have no pressure, we just do our own little thing with my husband, daughter and I, as the rest of the world scurries around us in a maze of sparkle, lights and snow, trying to make the impossible – possible.

I think that might be what I love the most about this set.  It encompasses all that I imagine summer to be, it is laid back, it is colorful, it is peaceful.

I have been doing alot more editorial work lately, and as much as I fucking love my studio clients, there is something soul cleansing for me about creating 100% for myself and my imagination. It feeds the artist in me and keeps her alive and fresh so I can continue to create for everyone else.

This fun set was also featured in this months fashion edition of Ellements Magazine!  Check it out at the bottom of the blog!

Boudoir New York_1384 Boudoir New York_1377 Boudoir New York_1385 Boudoir New York_1378 Boudoir New York_1379 Boudoir New York_1380 Boudoir New York_1381 Boudoir New York_1386 Boudoir New York_1382 Boudoir New York_1383 Boudoir New York_1387 Boudoir New York_1388 Boudoir New York_1389

Check out the gorg Ellements Magazine below!!!

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